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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Halo Oral Antiseptic

Review: Halo Oral Antiseptic
I am excited about this review because it is one of those products that makes me think, "Why didn't someone invent this sooner?!"  Halo Oral Antiseptic is a spray that easily fits into my purse or diaper bag so that I can whip it out whenever I feel the need.  It provides protection against airborne germs for up to 6 hours and the box says that it is effective against 99.9% of infectious germs, including common harmful germs and bacteria.

I can't help my exposure to germs. My toddler has to go to daycare which is crawling with germs. I have to drive to work and often take a shuttle between our building to our other campus. I also have three trips this month on airplanes which means 6 flights when you add up both directions.  I go to a gym regularly and that is another common location for germs.  I think that because of my toddler and extensive amount of traveling for work, I have above average exposure to germs.  I currently use hand sanitizer, but that probably won't help airborne germs that I am exposed to so I am excited about Halo.

I've been using Halo for about a week now and I love it. It comes in a couple of flavors. I tried it in citrus.  I love it because I didn't catch a cold so far even though the weather is changing and there are many people around me with colds.  I kept a little journal on my iPhone to note times during the last week that I was grateful for Halo.

  • At the gym: I was 14 minutes into my plan of using the elliptical machine for 30 minutes when this guy got on a machine next to me and started hacking away.  He was so rude! He didn't even cover his mouth.  No one would possibly want to stand next to this guy, but I really wanted to finish my 30 minutes, so I stuck it out and kept thinking that I hope that the Halo spray works!
  • Gum on the bottom of my water bottle: This is really gross. I was on the shuttle and set my water bottle in someone's old bubble gum.  (Who spits their gum out on the seat?!)  I didn't initially realize that it was there and I got it on my hand. Since I was on the shuttle, there was no sink to wash my hand and bottle.  I was so grossed out. I ran to a bathroom as soon as I got to the campus and washed my hands for 4 minutes straight. I also washed my water bottle.  
  • I went and got my hair cut and the hairdresser had a cold.  I feel bad for her because I know that she needs to go to work, but it isn't very nice to be sick and go to work if you will be working with people so closely and spreading germs.  I'm too shy. Maybe someone else would have told her that they wanted someone that wasn't sick, but I stuck it out.  
In hindsight, my journal surprised me because I thought that airplanes were the dirtiest places that I risked running into the most germs, but really, my everyday life exposes me to a lot of germ-filled situations.

While I love Halo because the idea of extra protection appeals to me, my son loves the Children's Halo because he likes the spray and taste. It wasn't hard to get him to try it. He actually loves it and asks for, "More candy spray!"   Isn't that funny?! He came up with the name candy spray.

Halo is available  at CVS, Target, Walmart, Rie Aid, Kmart, and many other stores for a suggested retail price of $12.99.

Do you need Halo for your every day life or for some particular aspect of your life like traveling?

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  1. Today at the park when my son fell and cut himself up. :(

    mommyminded at gmail dot com

  2. I wish I would have had this two years ago when someone gave me a horrible cold/cought that turned into pneumonia. What a wonderful product. Thanks for sharing. Also, love the new website! You're doing a great job - so proud of you.

    Wendy from YDF

  3. I wish I would of had this stuff when my roommate had a horrible cold .. needless to say in 3 days i had it and couldnt even get out of bed for a few days augh !

  4. I wish I had this product after eating onions on a hamburger. Oh boy!

  5. but is this made with and can it hurt your in anyway ?

  6. lol, when i was in OK with my sissy, and she coughed all over me and I got sick.

    abbegirl1977 at gmail dot com

  7. I wish I had had it today! I have to wipe yucky noses M-F at preschool :) I love my job, but the kids sure love to share germs!

  8. My daughter gets sick very easy and now she is in preschool this would help a lot.

  9. After helping out in my childrens classroom with all the sick kids

  10. Last week when my son came home coughing and gave me a cold!
    Wendy Franklin

  11. I wish I had this product whenever I go buy fishes or meats at Safeway!
    Thank You!

    Fiona N

  12. Absolutely - I wish I had this product everytime I have flown. The air circulates every germ on the plane and I always end up with a cold. You can blame it on traveling but are tired, jetlagged and stuck with all those germs.

  13. I wish I had this last yr when I was getting chemo and going to the store I always seem to catch a virus.Thanks for the cool giveaway! :)

  14. I forgot to put email

  15. I wish I had it right now after catching a cold from my daughter

  16. Just last week! I have an exam and don't want to catch again!


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