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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review: Blackout EZ Window Covers (Trendy Pick for October)

Review: Blackout EZ Window Covers
We recently moved into our new home. My husband and I have been dying from the sun coming up so early, especially on days when our baby keeps us up at night. In my search for black out shades, I came across this company that makes it affordable and easy to install black out shades -  They actually looked so easy to use that I decided that I would order and install them on my own.  My husband usually does things like this around our house, but I wanted to do it on my own so that I could share my experience with my readers.   I had a great experience, so let me tell you about it.

We have four windows in our bedroom.  Two are in the middle and then two are on the sides of the center windows. First, I measured my windows.  I was paranoid that it couldn't be that easy to measure and order them, so I checked with the owner of the store to make sure that I measured correctly.  Sure enough, it really was that easy and I measured correctly.  (They also have a short video on their website about this if you want to watch it.)
The installation simply required me to apply velcro strips to the window frame and to the blackout panels. You then stick them together when you are done. It is that easy! No drills, no hammers, and no tools are required!  I only used a pair of scissors.
I love that these are not only easy to install, but they are also discreet. They are sleek and clean looking as I am able to close my original blinds without any problem while the blackout shades are up.  Check out the photos below. I have three windows. I put the Blackout EZ Window covers on the two side windows for the photo so that you can see the contrast. In the first photo, it is a side window next to the uncovered window.  In the second photo, the center window does not have a cover, but the two side windows have their Blackout EZ Window covers on.  You can barely see the side windows in the photo because they are perfectly dark!  When I put the Blackout EZ Window covers on all of the windows, it is pitch black and you can't see anything.
I think that Blackout EZ Window covers rock because they are easy to install, provide flexibility, and allow me to still keep my original blinds. They are also the most affordable option that I found for blackout shades. As a bonus, no tools are required to install them which makes it easy for moms like me that have limited handyman experience.  While I think that they are perfect for my bedroom, my husband pointed out that you can order them in black for a theater room.  

Blackout EZ Window covers are my TRENDY PICK FOR OCTOBER! I think that this product is going to catch on fast and I'm excited that I was able to share this trendy product with you.

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