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Friday, December 6, 2013

Review: Thyme Maternity Clothing

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Review: Thyme Maternity Clothing
One of the best parts of pregnancy is buying new clothes! Maternity clothes are great because the pants are usually extra comfortable. I recently came across a line of maternity clothes by Thyme Maternity.  They are trendy and good quality, but without the designer price tag!  They are easy to find at Babies R Us and it is a complete line - tops, pants, dresses, lounge wear, sleep wear, mix-and-match, nursing, lingerie, and even skincare. 

Check out the trendy jeans below. These are the Thyme Maternity Boot-Cut Jean with 3-in-1 Panel.  I read that this leg shape is their most popular style and I think that is accurate based on clothing that I see others around me wearing. I like that you can easily wear them with boots and long sweaters at this time of year, but can still wear them in spring with longer tank tops when the weather warms up. I also like that they paid attention to detail with the 5-pocket design and faded dye toward the top of the legs.

Check out the stretchy top of the jeans. The fabric is soft and stretchy and fits snugly as you grow.  I love that this design is discreet so that you can easily wear a long sweater or shirt with the jeans and look like you are wearing normal pants.
I gained about 25 pounds in my last pregnancy. I was "all baby" in the front.  These pants probably would have fit for all three trimesters of my previous pregnancy since you can use the top in three different ways at different times in your pregnancy:
Full coverage: Over the belly for full coverage - hugging your growing belly.
Mid-rise: Fold over once for a mid-rise fit that embraces your body perfectly.
Low-rise: Fold over twice for a low-rise effect providing great belly support.
Thyme Maternity has so many trendy clothing options that are reasonably priced. The pair of jeans above are only $59. I recommend the Thyme Maternity line to all of my friends because they have both current trends and simple basics that are perfectly designed. They have so many fun options like these jeans that are destined to be favorites in women's wardrobes!

Did you have a favorite piece of clothing when you were pregnant?

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  1. That’s a cool jean to wear when pregnant and I guess I’ll be wearing that someday and I’ll be looking forward for that particular day.

  2. I wore the same pair of leggings every day for the last month of my pregnancy. They were nowhere near as nice looking so those!

  3. They look so comfy. It's always hard to find a pair of pants to wear that makes you look and feel good let alone a pair of jeans. These look great.

  4. Sheesh, I sorta feel cheated. I didn't have anything near that chic when I was expecting!

    Lol...my faves were my husband's cut off sweatpants.

  5. I love wearing jeans and I can't imagine myself not wearing one those when I am going to have a baby bump soon. That's a nice review. Thank you.


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