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Monday, November 11, 2013

Holiday Picks: Trendy Toys for infants, toddlers, and older children

We have been working hard to find the trendiest gift recommendations for this holiday season. Here are a few of our favorite toys for Santa to bring for infants, toddlers, and older children.

What's trendy for infants?

The adorable little Dangly Octopus from MAMAS & PAPAS is both cute and stimulating for little ones that explore new textures, colors, and patterns. Let me share the product description and then our personal experience.


Known as Great Britain’s favorite baby brand, Mamas & Papas is a family-run company that prides itself on providing parents with essential products that add simplicity to their everyday routines.


(MAMAS & PAPAS/Ages 0+/$11.99-16.99 MSRP/Available: Now)
The Mamas & Papas Dangly Octopus is one of the most popular toys in the brand’s Babyplay line. Interaction and engagement is instrumental in baby’s development and the Dangly Octopus is the perfect toy to further development because each leg of the octopus has a hidden feature, like mirrors and crinkles, for baby to discover. The attached teether ring easily attaches to strollers and infant carriers to provide entertainment on the go. Sizes available: small and large.

In our personal experience, this trendy little octopus is a fantastic toy that a little one can spend hours playing with. The different colors and shapes on this soft and cuddly little octopus are a great for their development. There is even a little leg that has a mirror on the end of it!
What's trendy for toddlers?
If you have a toddler, I'm sure that you have figured on that "hands on" activities are always trendy! Let me share the product description and then our personal experience.

Get ready PLAY-DOH fans, creativity is about to be taken to the next level with the introduction of our innovative new PLAY-DOH PLUS compound! From the little princess in the family to the aspiring “baker”, kids can plus up their creations with this soft, fluffy compound that delivers amazing details and realistic-looking results! In other news, now it’s easier to get lots of classic PLAY-DOH compound colors for awesome colorful creations with the new individually wrapped PLAY-DOH Color Sticks! Whether on the go or in your home these 1oz. PLAY-DOH packets make it easy to create colorful PLAY-DOH works of art!

Get ready for the most colorful PLAY-DOH collection yet – new PLAY-DOH Color Sticks! Now it’s easy to get lots of different Play-Doh colors for your own colorful PLAY-DOH creations! PLAY-DOH Color Sticks come individually wrapped in easy-to-use 1 oz. packets in 33 different colors- perfect on the go or in your home. With PLAY-DOH Color Sticks, there’s no limit to the creations you can dream up anytime, anywhere!

In our personal experience, my son has spent hours and hours playing with PLAY-DOH. This set is really amazing because of the bast number of bright colors that let his imagination go wild! He is 3 years old and has a good imagination, so it's fun to see him make everything from neon green cats to purple snakes with yellow eyes! The color palette in this set opens many options for creative play.

What's trendy for boys (8+)?

BeyWarriors have been really hot this year and I know that many little boys are hoping to find these figures under the Christmas tree this year! Let me share the product description and then our personal experience.

Based on the new BEYWARRIORS: SHOGUN STEEL television series launching fall 2013 from Nelvana and d-rights, Inc., BEYBATTLE TOPS and the all new BEYWARRIORS segments spin onto the scene to take the Beyblading world by storm! Each BEYBATTLE top and BEYWARRIORS battler are powered by BEYBLADE and inspired by the new characters and spirits introduced in BEYWARRIORS: SHOGUN STEEL animated programming. The BEYBATTLE top segment introduces a brand new top system featuring Synchrome Technology which allows Beybladers to combine two warrior wheels from different tops for a heavier top with double metal power, and the all new SAMURAI CYCLONE BATTLE set which spins and shakes in battle. The BEYWARRIORS segment is Hasbro’s first ever spin-to-win, figure-based battling system! Beybladers can experience the ultimate BEYWARRIORS battle with the OCTAGON SHOWDOWN set for smashing and clashing spirit battling. Every item also comes with a collector code that unlocks features for online battles with Beybladers from around the world on

(HASBRO/Ages 8 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: Now)
The last battler spinning wins with the new BEYWARRIORS battlers. Hasbro’s first ever figure-based battling system is inspired by the spirits in the new BEYWARRIORS: SHOGUN STEEL series. Insert the ripcord into the battler, rev it up, and send it spinning into action to bring the intensity of SHOGUN STEEL to life. Each BEYWARRIORS battler is made of five pieces to allow for ultimate customization, including interchangeable arms with weapons, and features different spirits from the BEYWARRIORS: SHOGUN STEEL show. Each set includes one-five piece BEYWARRIORS battler, one ripcord for launching, and one collector card that can be used to unlock features to battle other Beybladers online at Each sold separately. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on

In our personal experience, these trendy toys are a lot of fun for kids because they involve hands-on play as you spin them to see where they will go. It's really an amazing trend that kids spend hours playing with. If you search YouTube, you will find tons of videos that have thousands of hits where kids show examples of playing with BeyWarriors. (Search for "BeyWarriors unboxing".) BeyWarriors are part of the current generation of kids childhood memories!

We love these trendy holiday picks for the 2013 Holiday season.

Do you know any little ones that would love these toys?
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