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Monday, December 9, 2013

Martha Stewart Holiday 2013 Collection for Baked Goods

We are making the most of the ice storm here in Dallas by staying busy inside. We just finished putting together holiday treats for our friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  We are proud of our pretty creations and owe a big "Thank You" to the Martha Stewart design team as we used their 2013 Holiday Collection!  Let me share photos of our creations and descriptions of the trendy products that we used.

The first set includes trendy bags and boxes that we filled with caramel popcorn.  You'll notice how pretty these are in the photo below. The list of specs for each of these follows.
Frosty Elegance Die-cut Treat BoxesSKU: 48- 30264
Frost your holiday treats with wintery elegance!
The Martha Stewart Crafts™ Frosty Elegance Die-Cut Treat Boxes wrap your homemade treats in festive, holiday-inspired wrapping.
Contains six paper treat cones; six tags and six pieces of ribbon.

Frosty Elegance Icicle Treat Bags
SKU: 48-30270
These icicle-shaped bags turn homemade treats into fun and festive party favors or holiday gifts.
Contains six paper treat cones; six cellophane bags; six tags and six pieces of ribbon.

Snowflake Cellophane Treat Bags
SKU: 48-30021
Sweet treats deserve a sweet wrapping!
Snowflake Cellophane Treat Bags add a festive and wintery touch to special holiday treats.
Contains six cellophane bags; six paper inserts; six labels and six ribbons.

Snowflake Cellophane Treat Bags
SKU: 44-00048
Enfold your treats in beautiful Snowflake Cellophane Treat Bags.
Clear cellophane treat bags are perfect for displaying delicious goodies inside.
Contains six cellophane bags; six paper inserts; six labels and six ribbons.
The next two include a festive Christmas tree box and treat bag. We filled each of these with chocolates.  These are perfect for my son's class. We paired these up with the boxes and bags of caramel popcorn above.
Here are the product descriptions:
Peppermint Winter Tree Treat Box
SKU: 48-30269
The decorative winter tree treat boxes transform homemade treats into festive party favors or holiday gifts. Contains six boxes; six adhesive labels; six pieces of ribbon and 36 sheets of tissue paper.

Peppermint Winter Fabric Treat Bags
SKU: 48-30265
Perfect for stashing your favorite holiday treats or stocking stuffers for friends and family.
Comes in a set of six.

We enjoyed working with the 2013 Martha Stewart Holiday Collection for Baked Goods. These products made it easy to dress up holiday treats. I assembled each bag and box. My preschooler helped to fill each one. The two of us had a fun "snow day" putting these together and are proud of our creations.  We look forward to seeing the smiles that recipients have when we surprise them with these pretty gifts.

Do you make festive treat bags or boxes for family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers?

We appreciate the complementary products that we received. All opinions are honest and our own.


  1. What cute supplies. I need to look for these.

  2. I love these as they make the food look so festive and fun. This would really make my food gift recipients feel that much more special.

  3. These really do make the food look festive and fun. I bet everyone would enjoy receiving a present like this!

  4. Love those containers! What a great way to wrap up holiday treats. I really like the box with the snowflake diecut, gorgeous!

  5. How fun, they look soo much fun to make and give and look like you spend hours creating the gift boxes....LOVE it, thanks for sharing

  6. These treats look delicious and they are a great way to spend time indoors during the cold winter months. I really love the gift boxes too.

  7. What a delicious combination of goodies, and they are so stylish and cute. Looks like perfect stocking stuffers.

  8. Really cute gifts! Martha Stewart's team does such good work. I'm a graphic designer, so I do appreciate.


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