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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Trendy Gaiam Wood Case for iPhone 5S/5 from MobileFun.com

I recently upgraded to the latest iPhone 5S and love it!  Of course, a new iPhone means that I need new accessories.  My favorite store for trendy iPhone accessories is MobileFun.com because they have a large inventory of trendy items and good prices. I've used accessories from MobileFun for the past couple of years and have tried out everything from iPhone and iPad cases to headsets. I have been happy with everything that I have ordered through their site. Let me tell you about my most recent order - the Gaiam Wood Case for iPhone 5S/5. I'll share the product description and then my personal experience.

Here is the product description:
  • "Slim, form-fitting design covered with natural maple wood: The sleek, form-fitting nature of this iPhone 5s / 5 case provides a natural textured maple wood design with the protection of a hard shell case, to safeguard the body of your handset.
  • Raised bezel along the sides keep the iPhone 5S / 5 screen away from surfaces: This case features a raised edging along the contour of the phone, helping to lift the screen of the iPhone 5S / 5 from surfaces, to prevent damage from scratches or scrapes.
  • Features the exclusive and unique Gaiam design: This case also features the exclusive design of Gaiam with its Filigree print, to add a personalised, unique style to your already impressive handset.
  • Designed specifically for the iPhone 5S / 5: Designed especially with your iPhone 5S / 5 in mind, this case features all the important cut-outs for the iPhone 5S / 5.  You can rest assured that you will be able to use your phone to its full extent.
  • Technical Specifications 
    • Dimensions: 190 x 114 x 13 mm
    • Weight: 45g"
In my personal experience, this case is even nicer than I expected because it is so thin.  I love how sleek this is, but at the same time, it seems very durable that it provides good protection.
You'll notice that the front view also shows the sleekness of this case.
I love the exclusive Gaiam design on the back of the case. The wooden look with a trendy design has already garnered me many complements!
I'm really happy with this trendy iPhone case from MobileFun.com.  Santa is bringing new iPads for my husband and son, so MobileFun.com will be our first stop when we look for new cases for their iPads too!

What do you think of this trendy iPhone 5S case?


  1. That's really cute! I love thin cases, I've purchased a few of the bulky ones but get sick of them just a few days later.

  2. Oh I love the way that looks! very nice!

  3. That does look very stylish indeed! I like the pattern.

  4. That is so pretty, I love the wood look and the design on the back.

  5. Very nice. I like the wood elements too.

  6. That is so pretty, I love the wood. I finally joined the broken screen club today (for the first time ever). :(

  7. Cute! I really like that. My husband really wants a wood case for his phone!

  8. What a nice and trendy case for the iPhone. I love collecting cell phone covers and have built up quite a collection.

  9. LOVE the look of this case... I'm totally addicted to phone cases.. I switch them like I switch my shoes..hahaha.. this needs to come home with me, too.. Soo gonna get it

  10. Oh that is really pretty. I love the design on that one.

  11. That is a very cute case. It makes me wish I had an iPhone.

  12. OH this is gorgeous, I would so use that for my iPhone. Thanks for sharing, never seen these before.

  13. So elegant! I found out that they also do cork cases and some for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. They have cool cotton canvas cases for tablets: http://www.allsop.com/gaiam-tablet-cases/ I love the natural materials.

  14. This is such a cute case! I've been collecting a variety of iPhone cases over the years. I have 50 in total, so I'm definitely obsessed. I haven't came across these cases yet though, I have to make sure I order a couple of these for the holidays! They're definitely worth adding to my collection!

  15. Cute! i really love it. Thanks for sharing beautiful case. You want more wood cases please look at

    wood iphone 5s case


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