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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

10 Tips for How to Prevent Yeast Infections and My Personal Experience

It has been over two years since I wrote a very personal post about my struggles with yeast infections.  (Read about my previous experience here.) I was so frustrated that I cried at times because I had many yeast infections and B.V. infections that were painful. I visited many doctors and received short term fixes. The low point of my experience was when a doctor gave me a prescription for 10 pills to take over a 10 week period. I was fine for those 10 weeks and then within a short time after the course of pills ended, I was right back to where I began with discomfort and itching. It took years to finally find the root cause of my problems -- my vaginal pH balance was off. It was actually an easy and inexpensive solution.  I started using repHresh  when I felt an imbalance starting to happen and it worked for me.   I became a much happier person once this was addressed and within months, I quickly forgot the discomfort and pain that I had previous suffered on a regular basis.  The repHresh product stopped my suffering and completely changed my quality of life.  

In today's post, I will share a follow-up from the past two years.  Prior to pregnancy, I occasionally had yeast infections once a year or every-other-year. It was not a huge deal to me. However, once I became pregnant, my body changed and I began experience more yeast infections. I had hoped for relief after giving birth, but things were worse for the year that I nursed my son. I had extreme vaginal dryness and visited my doctor frequently for yeast infections or B.V.   We thought that it would be better once I stopped nursing, but I continued to have problems. I noticed a pattern with my pH imbalance. It was related to my menstrual cycle.  As soon as I started to feel discomfort and itching, I used repHresh to correct my pH balance.   

I used repHresh as needed and noticed that I needed it less and less as time went on. I actually went the past several months without needing it.  This was wonderful. I guess that our bodies go through phases.  However, I became too comfortable and broke rules that I know are important for women who suffer from yeast infections.  We purchased a new home with a spa bathtub. I couldn't resist hot baths and using body washes that have pretty scents instead of using unscented body wash.  I also spent time working on dessert recipes and consumed more sugar than I usually allow myself to eat.  I ended up with an infection and had to take a prescription to clear it up.  Since then, I noticed that my body was caught in a bad pattern again and I needed to be very cautious to follow good practices to avoid yeast infections.  Fortunately, based on my extensive history with yeast infections, I was able to quickly correct my mistakes and improve my health.  I was grateful to know exactly what to do this time - including to use repHresh when I start to feel signs of discomfort so that I prevent more infections.

Let me share my personal tips for how I have corrected my habits to avoid yeast infections.

5 Tips to Prevent Yeast Infections

1. Avoid baths. Take showers instead of baths and use clean towels that are washed with unscented laundry soap.

2. Avoid fragrance.  Use unscented body wash to minimize irritation.  You should also wash your panties, clothing, and towels in fragrance-free body wash.

3. Minimize sugar consumption.  Avoid eating too much sugar since this may be a factor that contributes toward developing a yeast infection. 

4. Balance you pH. If you notice that your pH balance is off, quickly take steps to correct this before a yeast infection develops.  For instance, I talked to my doctor about using repHresh when I noticed symptoms and kept a journal of my experience to discuss with my doctor.  For me personally, this has changed my life and works perfectly for me!

5. Avoid wearing wet bathing suits for extended time.  If you go swimming, quickly wash, dry off, and change into dry cotton panties.

6. Wear cotton panties.  White cotton panties are your best option when you suffer from yeast infections.  I remember being disappointed when I learned this because I love fashionable clothing, including panties, but the good news is that Victoria Secret and other stores have large selections of cotton underwear that look cute.

7. Avoid tight-fitting clothing.  Not only do you want to wear simple cotton panties that allow the area to breath easier, but you should also avoid tight fitting clothing.

8. Take probiotics.  Eat low-fat plain Greek yogurt, Kefir, or other foods that contain probiotics. You may also consider taking a supplement such as Pro-B.

9. Do not use a douche. Douching may introduce bacteria into your vagina and may also cause irritation.

10. Use personal lubricants that are pH balanced.  Lubricants with fragrance are the worst for me.  I learned the hard way that personal lubricants that are pH balanced are best for people like me who suffer from yeast infections.  I use the Pre-Seed lubricant because it is pH balanced and provides a natural feeling.  

Do you have tips for other moms who suffer from a vaginal pH imbalance and yeast infections?

Learn More
Visit the websites for the products that I mentioned that I personally use:  repHresh and Pre-Seed. 

Disclosure: I have no medical training.  You should visit your doctor if you suffer from yeast infections and possibly ask them about the tips that we suggested above.  These tips are based on my personal experience, but everyone is unique and may have a different experience.


  1. Interesting tips. Some of these I never thought of as something that may cause infection.

  2. Those are great tips!! I dealt with this for awhile as well, and did some of those and all fixed! :)

  3. This is one of the main reasons I avoid baths, especially with bubbles. Haven't had one since being a teenager. :knock on wood:

  4. My mom didn't teach me much growing up, but one thing I learned early was to always wear cotton panties or cotton lined panties.

  5. I've never had one (knock on wood) and I take regular baths all the time. I do add in a little Epson salt and maybe that helps. Thanks for the tips!

  6. I had a friend that used to get yeast infections a lot. She seemed to always get one when she took a bath.

  7. My poor mom always struggle with yeast infections! Yet, I've never had one. *knock on wood*. I pray I never have either because I remember all she struggled with. Thankfully there are things that can help fight a yeast infection now. But I still don't want one.

  8. This is good information.I will change from my bathing suit before driving home from the pool!

  9. These are great suggestions. I recall having a couple of yeast infections as a teen and remember how uncomfortable they were.

  10. These are great tips. I definitely do not takes baths, I love them and they are relaxing but my OB recommends not too. Another one I do not do is hot tubs.

  11. This can be such a problem for some people, especially those immune compromised. I am glad you found something that helps!


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