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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

5 Tips for Helping Your Child Go to Bed #StreamTeam

Does your child sometimes have the bedtime blues?  Do they see bedtime as an unjust invention that should be abandoned?  I have plenty of firsthand experience with the bedtime blues. Let me share tips that I follow in order to make bedtime easier.

5 Tips for Helping Your Child Go to Bed
1. Follow a routine.
Stick to a consistent schedule for bedtime. For instance, my little one goes to sleep at 7pm every evening.  While it is tempting to let him stay up later on weekends, we actually stick to the 7pm bedtime because following a routine is easier for him.  We also follow a routine where he gets a bath and brushes his teeth before bedtime.

2. Limit drinks during the hour before bed.
If you limit the amount of drinks that your child is allowed to have before bedtime, then they will not have to wake up to go to the bathroom as much.

3. Give an evening snack.
If your little one plays hard all day, be sure to give them a small evening snack so that they aren't hungry while they are in bed.

4. Use a nightlight. 
It is common for young children to be afraid of the dark. Provide them with a nightlight to help ease their fear.

5. Give in to the "5 more minutes" and watch a quick movie on Netflix.
My little one is a pro when it comes to asking for "5 more minutes" and giving excuses. Excuses include everything from needing a sip of water, needing to go to the bathroom, or that socks are too tight. (I'm sure that I will reflect one day that some of the excuses are funny!)

Reading a book or watching a quick movie is a great way to give "5 more minutes" so that they are able to more peacefully move to bedtime. For instance, we love the three new Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites from Netflix. These adorable little 5 minute movies are a big hit with my son.  They are short and sweet which is perfect for bedtime!

In addition to the DinoTrux 5 Minute Favorites, you'll also find other trendy kids shows on Netflix. For instance, we love Care Bears, Home, and SpongeBob Square Pants.

Do you have tips for helping little ones go to bed? 

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  1. So that's the term for my son? ha/ha He's 14 and told us he should be able to stay up all night...um no!! We have to try hard to make him at least be in his bedroom by 10. :/

  2. Great tips! Even my teen sons like a night light, it's amazing what works and makes them feel comfortable at night for a good night's sleep.


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