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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

5 Tips for Planning a Family Adventure #StreamTeam

5 Tips for Planning a Family Adventure
The cold weather has chased us indoors here and we have cabin fever.  This has resulted in us making plans for when the weather warms up.   Push through the harsh cold winter months by creating a plan for how your family will enjoy new adventures once the weather warms up!

1. Talk about your favorite trips and memories from previous years.
Encourage all of your family members - young and old - to talk about the memories that stand out to them. This will keep you busy and I am sure that it will elicit many giggles! For instance, my husband talked about a trip where we drove across the country to relocate for his work. He spoke about it so fondly. However, I made everyone laugh when I reminded him that an electric toothbrush suddenly turned on during the drive and we couldn't find it easily, so we drove for over an hour until the battery wore out.  We all laughed that we learned our lesson and that is why we have a designated place for electric toothbrushes when we travel!  Whether your memories are specific to a destination or funny things that happened, spend time revisiting those memories!

2. Have everyone share their dream adventure if money were not a limit.
It's fun to daydream as a family.  Have everyone share their dream adventure if money were not a limit. My son would visit Mars. However, I am glad that we are not able to afford that. :)

3. Create a budget and ask everyone to give suggestions.
It's always important to live within your means. Create a budget and ask everyone to give suggestions based on the budget.  Try to narrow down fun ideas that you will be able pursue. You may even find multiple ideas!

4. Realize that perfect planning doesn't always happen.
As I mentioned earlier, we once let an electric toothbrush that was buried in our luggage make noise for an hour until it ran out of battery because our car was packed so full and we couldn't easily find it.  We've had other issues with planning. We remember driving through the Rocky Mountains to find that the hotel that we reserved was gross. We decided to drive longer, but it took four hours to find a hotel with a vacancy.  We still remember how glorious it was to find the hotel.  I remember being so grateful to have a comfortable bed. My son remembers the treasure chest at the front desk where he got to pick a toy. My husband remembers the extravagant bill for the room that we only used from 2am until 8am.  We all have our funny perspectives.  In any case, try not to stress if planning doesn't quite work out.

5. Watch some fun family adventure themed shows.
We are loving The Croods right now because they have the funniest family adventures. Sometimes there are parallels to their funny family adventures. A few episode highlights are below. Visit here to learn more about this trendy family-friendly series on Netflix.

If your children are older, here are some other fun shows to watch on Netflix: Sofia the First, Dragons: Race to the Edge, and Degrassi: Next Class.

Are you planning any family adventures?

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