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Monday, July 11, 2016

5 Ways to Entertain Older Children During Your Pregnancy and 5 Shows for Children to Learn from on Netflix #StreamTeam

As I inch closer to my due date, it's harder to keep up with my 6 year old little boy.  I am exhausted from pregnancy and need more time to rest. In today's post, I'll share 5 ways to entertain your children when you suffer from low energy during pregnancy.  I will also share 5 trendy shows on Netflix that we love. After all, Netflix has made pregnancy more bearable for me in comparison to my last pregnancy! The ability to take my mind off of pregnancy pains or other stressors by watching shows on Netflix is wonderful. It's also great for entertaining my older child.

5 Ways to Entertain Older Children During Your Pregnancy

1. Create a schedule: My little boy thrives with routine.  I know the times of day when morning sickness strikes most or when I feel the need for a nap.  Having a schedule for him is very helpful for both of us.  His daily schedule includes everything from crafts and workbooks to "Mommy-and-Me Time" where we do special activities together.  The schedule allows us to spend special time together, but also encourages some independence at various times throughout the day when I need a break.

2. Send them to day camps: If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro, there are hundreds of camps, including everything from basketball camp to MineCraft camp.  Personally, we take our son to one week of camp each month during summer. It's great for him and also gives me the opportunity to relax.

3. Set them up with robotics: My little one loves robots. We use Dash and Dot robots that are perfect for younger children.  It took a few hours to help him through the learning curve and now he is a pro that spends time writing code on his own. We've had the robots for a few months now. He will happily spend hours programming his little robots.

4. Download educational apps: Our little one loves to educational apps and interactive books on his iPad. We let him have 20 minutes/day of iPad time.

5. Create a Netflix Kids account for your child: Thank goodness for Netflix Kids! I'm so grateful that Netflix makes it possible for my son to watch fun and educational shows without me having to worry about him accidentally accessing inappropriate shows or commercials. Whether you are pregnant or just stretched thin for any other reason, Netflix Kids is a lifesaver for entertaining little ones while also giving you a chance to relax!   In today's post, I am going to share 5 shows for children to learn from on Netflix. I think that we all love the win-win situation where our little ones learn new things while we relax.

5 Shows for Children to Learn From on Netflix
1. The DEEP: This is a trendy show for little ones is packed with adventure.  The main character comes from a family of explorers that explore deep waters. While this show is mainly about a trendy family of explorers, there is a bonus that some of the episodes even include dragons!  If your little ones love the "How to Train Your Dragon" shows on Netflix, they will find some dragon action in this trendy series.

2. Project Mc2As a mom and and an engineer, I love this show.  It's awesome that it promotes STEM to girls in a fun way that makes it trendy!  I volunteer at STEM events to help encourage young girls to consider pursuing careers in science and engineering.  This is a show that I know is popular with many of the girls. Plus, as a mom of boys, I think that it's great for boys too.  If you are familiar with Odd Squad, you'll probably love this show. We love Odd Squad, but think that Project Mc2 is even better. That's a huge complement!

3. LEGO Friendship: We love building LEGOS and watching LEGO Friendship episodes.  They always have sweet messages about working hard and friendship.

4. Word Party: This adorable show is from the Jim Henson Company.  As a mom, I love that my little one becomes completely engaged in this show and that they always have positive messages.

5.  Little Einsteins (Season 2): This show is super cute and keeps my little one engaged. We rocked season one and are thrilled to get in on the season 2 action!

I thought that pregnancy was tough the first time around. However, now I realize that it's even more challenging when you have an older child who depends on you while you also struggle with pregnancy sickness and fatigue.  I hope that the tips that I shared are helpful to those of you in a similar situation! In addition, I hope that some of you will email me if you have other handy tips to help me to be the best mom possible during the last trimester of my pregnancy!

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