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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tips for Setting Up Your Bedroom for a New Baby

Tips for Setting Up Your Bedroom for a New Baby
Today's post is for trendy moms who love the comfort of their own bedroom. I'm not going to focus on a nursery design, but rather stylish and practical design trends for parents who plan to spend a lot of time in their bedroom with their little ones. Whether you plan to have a newborn in your room or have family movie nights in your bed with older children, these design trends are for you! In today's post, I'll share my design choices that all center around a simple design with trendy gray and white colors.

1. Minimize clutter.
Remove clutter from your room. If it is not a necessity, it should not be in plain sight. This includes everything from knickknacks to clothing laying on top of a dresser. You should even tuck the  remote control for your t.v. into a drawer so that it is out of sight.

2. Select a comfortable bed frame that sits close to the ground and offers a comfortable headboard.
If you have visited a furniture store or looked through catalogues lately, you'll notice that simple bed frames that sit closer to the ground are the latest trend. Personally, I love the simple and clean look of these beds. Further, headboards that are soft and covered with durable fabric are trendy.  We purchased a new bed last month that fits these trends and even features the latest color trend of gray. This bed is warm and inviting for our family. For instance, there were 20,000+ lightening strikes in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro two nights ago and a house in our neighborhood even caught on fire. It was a truly terrifying storm!  My little boy came and slept in our room because he says that our bed is the safest place in the house. That made me smile because I remember what it is like to be a little one and to think that. It made me happy that I had redesigned our bedroom with a contemporary design that my husband and I love, but that is also warm and inviting to our little one.

3. Grays and whites are the trendiest colors right now.
If you look at brand new homes that are professionally decorated, you will notice that grays and whites are in.  As a new mom, I wanted to use the trendiest color schemes, but wanted to be strategic about it.  We used gray for the fabric on our actual bed frame and then used white for our bedding.  My rationale is not only does the color combination look nice together, but using white for the bedding is more practical for removing stains that may likely happen with a new baby or older children.  I'm able to pretreat a stain and then use a laundry detergent with Clorox in it.  It's a win-win color combination for moms who are both trendy and practical!

4. Soft fabrics and extra pillows are in style.
We ordered our bedding set from Lush Decor because they have the latest trends in bedding at good prices. You may have noticed this brand at trendy stores such as Kohl's, but it's even better to order directly from the Lush Decor website. For instance, we went with the Lux 6-piece Comforter Set that includes: one comforter, one bed skirt, two pillow shams, and two decorative pillows.

This trendy set is not only beautiful, but is also very soft and comfortable.  As I mentioned before, we went with white because this is one of the latest bedding trends.  The comforter is soft and the fabric is perfect for summer. The pillow shams and decorative pillows are both pretty and functional. My husband and I are very happy with this set and also love that our little one feels like it is a soft, comfortable, and safe place in our home.

5. Keep a bassinet or crib next to your bed.
If you recall earlier, we mentioned to remove clutter.  This not only makes your room look nicer, but it also provides additional room for baby gear such as a bassinet or crib if you wish to keep one next to your bed.

We are looking forward to our bundle of joy and are ready to welcome him to our bedroom that features the latest bedroom trends. Nothing is better than a comfortable bedroom and a newborn baby to love!  At the same time, we tried to make design choices that are also friendly to our older child as well. Whether you are expecting a newborn or have older children, we hope that you have the opportunity to update your bedroom using the latest trends!

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