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Saturday, August 27, 2016

DIY Star Wars Halloween and Party Ideas: Light Saber Bubble Wands, Light Saber Candy, & Trendy Costumes

DIY Star Wars Halloween and Party Ideas: Light Saber Bubble Wands, Light Saber Candy, & Trendy Costumes
Similar to most other boys, my oldest son and his friends cannot get enough of Star Wars. I am starting to think that they dedicate 20% of their brains to Star Wars.  In today's post, I'll share how we had an Oriental Trading shopping spree to stock up on supplies to create some fun Star Wars DIY projects - DIY Light Saber Bubble Wands, Light Saber Candy, & Trendy Costumes that are easy to share with friends.

Let's start with a photo of the supplies from our Oriental Trading shopping spree and then we will show you how we transformed these supplies into amazing DIY Star Wars projects!

DIY Light Saber Bubble Wands

1. Select your favorite color roll of tape and bubble wand. 

2. As shown in steps 2 and 3 of the photo below, wrap one piece of tape over the bottom edge and then a second piece in a perpendicular position over the bottom edge so that the bottom is fully covered. 

3. As shown in steps 4 and 5, wrap tape around the handle until it is fully covered.

4. As shown in step 6, use the red masking tape to create a button for the light saber. My son and his friends will tell you that while flexibility is allowed for the colors of the bubble wands and handle tape, the button must always be the color red. Optionally, add stripes to the handle for extra fun.

5. Add the DIY Light Saber Bubble Wands to a pretty basket and add Star Wars VII Masks as decorations to the basket. Now that you have the final bubble wands, blow bubbles for the children and let them use their trendy Light Saber Bubble Wands to chase and pop the bubbles!

Light Saber Candy
1. Select your favorite colored Sour Punch Licorice Twists and two rolls from the Colorful Masking Tape Kit as shown in step 1.

2. Wrap a piece of masking tape around the base of the Sour Punch Licorice Twist as shown in step 2.

3. Cut a piece of masking tape into the shape of a button and apply it to the handle as shown in step 3.

4. Repeat the first three steps until you have enough for your party and/or Trick Or Treaters!

5. Decorate the container of Sour Punch Licorice Twists with a Star Wars VII Mask.  These cardboard masks are great for decorations and for the children to use their imaginations!

Trendy Costumes
Finally, I want to share that we found the trendiest Star Wars costumes at Oriental Trading! My son is dressed in the Star Wars Stormtrooper Boys Halloween costume. This costume is nice quality and you'll notice the attention to detail in the design.  It's better quality than the costumes that I personally saw in local stores. For instance, this mask has velcro to attach it rather than a thin piece of string. The plastic on the mask and the costume fabric is thicker than those that I saw in the store. My son is thrilled to be a Storm Trooper this year!  

In addition to my son's costume, we also love the Star Wars VII Masks for play dates and to donate to his school.  These masks are inexpensive and fun for play dates. In addition, we are donating some of the DIY Light Saber Bubble Wands and Star Wars VII Masks to his school in case there are children who do not have costumes.  Teachers and children always appreciate when parents share things like this to help make Halloween special for all of the children!

We want to give a big thanks to Oriental Trading for the fun supplies that we used in this post. 

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