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Monday, August 8, 2016

Sleep, Sleep, Glorious Sleep: Our Experience with the Nolah Mattress

Nothing is better than a good night of sleep.  If you are shopping for a new mattress, things have changed a lot over the past several years and you are in for a new experience.  In today's post, I'll share our experience with the trendy Nolah Mattress that is handcrafted here in the U.S. and comes with an amazing 120 night trial period for you to try it out and a 15 year warranty for less than we used to pay for our spring coil mattresses.  Plus, they part of our purchase went toward protecting an endangered animal through the Defenders of Wildlife organization. We chose a Clouded Leopard!

The delivery process
On your last mattress purchase, you may have paid for a furniture delivery company to bring a bulky box in the awkward shape of a mattress. My husband and I lived in a small apartment near Stanford shortly after finishing college.  There was only one entrance to our apartment which was in a narrow hallway and we happened to order a king size mattress.  We struggled for the longest time to get the mattress into the apartment.  We eventually unhinged the front door and somehow wiggled it into our apartment. It was exhausting.

Our experience was completely different this time - it was easy! We ordered our mattress last week and it was handcrafted in Denver, CO before it was shipped to us.  I watched the shipment progress on UPS My Choice.  The box that arrived is shown below. It did not look like a mattress at all which was nice because it was easy for the UPS driver to transfer it from their dolly to my husband's dolly to bring into the house. There was no need to unhinge and remove the front door and no wiggling or acrobatics was needed in order to get it into the house.

The unboxing (or entertainment/show)
The next step was to open the box, remove the plastic and watch the magic happen.  A picture says a thousand words, but perhaps a video says a million words. I thought that I would show you a video.  For the sake of holding your attention, I made a time-lapse video, but all-in-all, it took my husband just under 10 minutes to do the unboxing, unwrapping, and positioning.  

Pretty cool, right?  I wish that this would have existed when we lived in that tiny apartment in California!  

Comfort (initial, after 24 hours, and longer)
Have you ever visited a mattress store to try out mattresses, but feel like it's hard to make a decision in public with people around you?  Personally, I find it challenging.  I'm a relatively reserved person and rolling around in different positions on multiple mattresses is not for me.  I prefer reading about mattresses online, including reviews by others.   Shopping for the Nolah mattress, I googled for reviews and even found a video with the unboxing.  It was a different shopping experience than that of 10 years ago for me.  In addition, the mattress comes with a 120 night trial period so that you are able to try it out in the comfort of your own home.  We took advantage of this and it was nice to be able to really close our eyes and focus on the comfort. Plus, it was nice to have my own pillows and blankets to get a better feel for my environment.

So, is the mattress is comfortable?  Let me break down  We initially laid on it and loved it. It was firm, but soft. However, the instructions say to wait 24 hours for it to fully expand, so we waited another 24 hours before making up our minds on comfort. After 24 hours, it was a bit firmer, but still soft.  We also wanted to sleep on it for a while longer to make sure that we really liked it.    In the end, we felt like it was a perfect balance of firmness and softness.  It's surprising that this King size mattress is a fraction of the price of our coil spring mattress that we bought 10 years ago.  We are talking 1/2 of the price of the mattress that we purchased 10 years ago!  It's the opposite of inflation - a better mattress for half of the price.  We couldn't ask for a better deal. 

Partnership with the Defenders of Wildlife
Finally, something else that was really nice about our experience is that we had the opportunity to select an animal and Nolah Mattress made a donation to support that animal with part of the proceeds from our mattress purchase.  My son is obsessed with wild cats and quickly chose the Clouded Leopard.  They work with the Defenders of Wildlife organization to help endangered animals.  There are several options to support.

My son is obsessed with the Wild Kratts show on PBS and loves his National Geographic books, so he was thrilled to scroll through the list of animals to help and select one to support. The Clouded Leopard is such a beautiful animal and the species will now receive some extra help thanks to the Nolah Mattress purchase.  

What a win.  Check out my little super hero below as he lays on the Nolah Mattress and reads more about the Clouded Leopard and other precious animals!

In summary, we hope that this post introduces you to the newest generation of mattresses and mattress shopping. Our experience was easy-peasy and comes with perks beyond our previous experience from ten years ago because we were able to have an at-home trial, delivery and setup was quick and easy, the mattress is super comfortable for us, the price was less than our coil spring mattress from 10 years ago, and we love that there is a 15 year warranty.  

Visit Nolah Mattress to learn more. You may also want to follow them on Facebook.  (We actually watched their Facebook page for a while before ordering just to watch what others posted on their FB page and it was continually positive which led us to make up our mind to want to try their mattress.)

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