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Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Formula for Happiness #FormulaForHappiness #HappyGerberBaby

My family is settling into life with our newborn.  It's such a gift to have a baby in the house again. At the same time, we all realize that if the baby is not happy, then no one is happy!  We have been doing our best to welcome our newborn and have found some tips for a Formula for Happiness along the way. In today's post, we will share tips for our Formula for Happiness, specifically focusing on newborn basics - Eat, Sleep, and Change Diapers!

We recently brought our newborn home and life has been chaotic because our sleep schedule has been thrown off.  My poor husband was running on empty the other day. I cheered him up by reminding him that this is our last baby, so it's the last time that we will experience the sleepless newborn phase.  I also reminded him that our older son slept through the night at 3 months old, so we are getting close.  We both started laughing because we had been so cranky due to sleep deprivation, but we know that this phase will pass.  The days of 3am walks around our neighborhood and accidentally putting toothpaste away in the fridge will come to an end soon. We'll eventually laugh about these things.  In the meantime, it is admittedly challenging to keep up with a newborn. We have found some tricks to making our newborn baby happy and will share our Formula for Happiness.  Watch our video and then read the tips below.

1. Eat: Be ready on a moment's notice
Once our newborn wakes up, he is ready to eat!  He's impatient and makes it known that he wants to eat with a roaring cry.  We have his formula and bottles ready to go so that we keep him happy!  For instance, we keep our Gerber Good Start Formula and bottles in a designated location on our kitchen counter. Speed of service is a critical part of our Formula for Happiness

In addition, a formula that works well for our baby is another component of our Formula for Happiness. In particular, Gerber Good Start Formula has been working well for our son.   Gerber knows tiny tummies well and how nutritional needs evolve as babies grow.  The Gerber Good Start Staging System is set up with the needs of growing babies at different stages.  We really like their formula because it is gentle on our baby's tummy.  After all, a happy baby means that the rest our family is able to be happy too! 
We like that they only use non-GMO ingredients and that it is a brand that we trust.  Plus, it is convenient to find on shelves at our local stores. Personally, we buy it on sales at our local Kroger and Target stores. Right now, there is a $6 off coupon which makes it a really great deal too!  The Gerber Good Start Formula is part of our Formula for Happiness!

2. Sleep: Find what makes them cozy
When I learned that our second baby was a few pounds larger than our first baby, I thought that this meant that he would sleep through the night.  Well, rumors of large babies sleeping longer are not necessarily true. Our baby sleeps for one to three hours at a time.  It's usually one hour at a time if he sleeps on his crib, but we learned that he will sleep for up to three hours if we hold him while he sleeps. My husband and I found that our baby sleeps best if we take shifts in holding him. My husband stays up late and watches Netflix while holding our sleeping baby.  There is a short transition where the baby sleeps in the crib and then I wake up early to take the early bird shift.   Every baby and family is different, but the schedule where our baby receives special time to sleep in each of our arms is our Formula for Happiness!

3. Change Diapers: Keep diaper changes cozy and quick
Our baby is agitated when it comes to diaper changes.  We quickly learned that he did not like the feel of the initial diaper pad cover that we had on our changing table. We replaced it with a soft cotton that seems to make him happy.  In addition, the cool air bothers him when we unbutton his outfit and take his diaper off.  We now go as quickly as possible to keep him as comfortable as possible.  It took us a couple of weeks, but we now have a Formula for Happiness when it comes to diaper changes!

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