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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Organizational Items for a Baby Nursery That Grow With Your Child

Organizational Tips for a Baby Nursery
Time goes by quickly when you have a baby. It's amazing that my baby seems to change on a daily basis! In today's post, I'll share some organizational items that are perfect for our baby's nursery, but that will also find other uses as he grows older.

1. Laundry and more - Stand Tall Bin
Newborns are tiny, but they generate a lot of laundry!  Our little boy has reflux and we go through several outfits and burp cloths each day.  We are using the Stand Tall Bin from Thirty-One Gifts as a laundry bin because it's lightweight to transport and easy to wipe clean. Personally, I had a complicated birth and my doctor warned me to avoid carrying anything that is too heavy. The Stand Tall Bin is perfect because it's relatively lightweight and has made it easy for me to tote laundry around.  Once my baby is older, he can continue to use this versatile bin for a variety of purposes such as storing laundry, toys, sports supplies, and more.

2. Changing Table Accessories and more - Oh Snap Bin!
Many items seem to end up on our changing table shelf, including everything from diaper rash cream to extra burp cloths. The trendy Oh Snap Bin from Thirty-One Gifts is perfect for organizing these items.  Not only do these bins make it easy for us to stay organized, but they are also a good way to keep stray items from laying around within our baby's reach.  Plus, the It's Owl Good pattern is adorable for nurseries!  These bins grow with your child.  Once the changing table is gone, the Oh Snap Bin is great for organizing anything from bathroom supplies to Legos.

3. Diapers, Wipes, and more - Your Way Cube with Lid
Part of my daily routine is to clean the changing table, restock diapers and wipes, and empty the diaper pail.  We buy cases of diapers that we store in a closet and pull out a small supply of diapers to store on his changing table. The Your Way Cube with Chalk is the perfect solution for storing our fresh diapers and wipes. The chalkboard on the side is nice for labeling the container and adds versatility since it's easy to wipe the chalk off and give a new label.  Once he is potty trained, we'll reuse our Your Way Cube to store other supplies such as toys, art supplies, and more.  

I am thrilled to have a newborn, but also exhausted. Our quick and easy organizational makeover with supplies from Thirty-One Gifts has made my life easier. Plus, I love that we will be able to reuse the items for new purposes as our baby grows!

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