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Monday, October 3, 2016

Tips for a Bathroom Makeover for New Parents

We recently completed a bathroom makeover to share with our baby.  While our baby's nursery has a bathroom next to it, it's much easier to share our master bathroom with the baby since it is more spacious. In today's post, I'll share some tips for changes that we made for our bathroom makeover.

Tips for a Bathroom Makeover for New Parents

1. Declutter the bathroom: Remove anything from countertops that you do not use on a daily basis. Not only do you want a clean feel to the bathroom, but you'll also want the extra space for baby supplies.

2. Use a hooded towel and soft washcloths for your baby: I love giving our baby a bath. It's fun to watch him relax in the warm water. We keep several soft washcloths on hand for his baths. We also use a hooded towel to dry him off so that he is warm during the transition from the bathtub.  We use the Trend Lab Max Dot Bouquet Set - Hooded Towel and 5 Pack of Wash Cloths that we ordered from Hayneedle.  This set is amazing because the soft terry cloth fabric is nice for our baby.  It includes a hooded towel in a fun print, plus 5 washcloths. We didn't know that we needed a set of 5 washcloths until our baby was born, but they are convenient to have on hand.  We only use one at bath time, but we also use them  for cleaning our baby's face if he spits up.  Our baby sometimes spits up after nighttime feedings.  We were using baby wipes at first, but using a warm washcloth has worked better for us, especially since we wipe his mouth.   This trendy bath set has been a lifesaver, especially at 3am feedings when our newborn often spits up.

3. Organize baby bath supplies in a bin that is easy to rinse and wipe clean: We store all of our baby shampoos, hooded towel, washcloths, and other supplies in a plastic bin that is easy to rinse and wipe clean as needed.

4. Use extra soft towels that are white: My baby is full of sweet little surprises.  The surprises are mostly good, but one surprise that gets me is that a nice warm bath relaxes him so much that he sometimes catches me off guard as he turns his bath into a potty.  It's gross, but I think that we've all been there.  It's hard to predict and a mess to clean up!  One thing that makes life easier for us is to grab either one of my nearby towels or one of my husband's nearby towels to use for quick cleanup.  We have very nice ultra-soft towels that are gentle for our chaotic clean up sessions.  Bright white towels are the best because they are easy to clean with stain removers and/or detergents for whites.  We ordered the most luxurious towel sets that are perfect for us as parents and great for quick loans to our baby at Hayneedle.  Specifically, we have the Superior By Luxor Treasures 900 GSM Egyptian Cotton 6 pc. Towel Set that is incredibly thick and soft.  Not only do we look forward to using them after bathing/showering, but our realtor also commented that the good quality towels in white make our bathroom look nicer for potential buyers.

You may also consider towels that are easy to hang on hooks if you prefer to hang your towels. For instance, the towels above also have nice tags that make them easy to hang on a hook.

5. Use a baby bathtub: We use a baby bathtub in our double walk-in shower since there is plenty of space and it's easy for us to set the bathtub down without worrying about the baby splashing and making a mess.  Personally, a simple bathtub that is easy to wipe clean is my personal recommendation.  Visit Hayneedle's baby bath tub section for some nice baby bathtubs.

6. Use a hooded spa robe: Nothing is cuter than a freshly bathed baby! However, now that fall is here and winter is just around the corner, it is sometimes tough to transition the baby from his hooded towel to a diaper and clothing quickly.  Instead, we ease the transition while also marveling in his cuteness by using the Baby Aspen My Little Night Owl Hooded Terry Spa Robe from Hayneedle. It's adorable and practical! You'll want to take many photos of your little one in this trendy robe. Plus, we have found that this robe makes our baby happy as we transition him from drying him off from his bath.

7. Use a nightlight: Babies are on their own schedules. Our baby thinks that it is "party time" starting at 10pm. Our pediatrician says that this is normal. We are patiently waiting for him to outgrow this phase, but in the meantime, it has been helpful to add a nightlight to our bathroom.

In summary, our bathroom makeover was fairly easy and makes our lives much easier as parents.  We are often sleep deprived, so our neatly organized bathroom is important to us.  Aside from decluttering and moving some items around in our  bathroom, we found everything that we needed for our trendy bathroom makeover at  If you haven't visited, they are a trendy store that is perfect for parents who want high quality items at reasonable prices.

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