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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Tips for a Playroom Makeover

Tips for a Playroom Makeover
In today's post, we'll focus on a playroom makeover and give you tips for how to design your own trendy playroom.  This is a topic that we have wanted to cover for a while now as we know that many parents find their playrooms to be overwhelming. Little ones often seem to have short attention spans as they pull out a toy, play with it for a short time, and then move to a next toy. It's easy for rooms to quickly become cluttered.  We call it the"messy playroom challenge."  Let me share our personal playroom makeover and then share tips for this challenge!

1. Select a simple color palette for playrooms used by children with age gaps or gender differences. 
We love playroom themes, but our children are several years apart in age, so rather than selecting a theme with characters or animals that may not fit both of their ages, we customized their bedrooms with those types of themes and selected a neutral color theme with blues and beiges for the shared playroom. These colors fit well with the dark hand-scraped hardwood flooring and beige walls in our home. The advantage of a simple color palette is that the room has a clean look that fits multiple ages. After all, if you have an older child, you don't want them to feel like you are chasing them out of the playroom with a baby theme.

2. Organize, organize, and organize.
Organization is critical in a playroom.  We used trendy products from Thirty-One Gifts to find homes for toys, books, artwork, and more.  Thirty-One Gifts offers a variety of organizational products in various sizes, colors, and patterns.  They make it easy to customize the items with embroidery.  I knew ahead of time that I wanted to use their products in our playroom design because their items are good quality and durable to withstand my energetic children. 

We used the Taupe Perfect Pendant print for all of the items and had whimsical phrases embroidered in dark blue thread.  The customization meant a lot to our design because they help us to remember the contents of the bins. I also wanted my children to have good childhood memories of the inspirational embroidery and nice photos of their playroom.  Let me share the individual items that we used.

The Catch-All Bin is a staple in our playroom. We keep it on the floor and it is the go-to location for their favorite toys.  The generous size is perfect for toys. We embroidered this with the phrase "Dream Big" because we wanted motivational phrases throughout the room that our children will always remember.

We keep Your Way Cubes on the floor for larger toys.  These are really nice because I wouldn't want to store heavier toys on shelves where they could tip over. Our children are able to simply open the cube that they need and pull out their larger toys without me worrying.  Each of our boys has a Your Way Cube for their personal toys.  One of them has his name on his cube while our other son wanted, "Boys & Their Toys" on his cube.  We also have a "Good Childhood" cube that includes their favorite shared toys.

We use the Your Way Rectangle to store books, art supplies, science kit supplies, and artwork.  I keep these on higher shelves that my children are not able to reach because they contain items that could easily make a mess. We keep baby books in a "Read" rectangle and pull one book out at a time for him.  Our science kit supplies are in the "Imagine" rectangle and our art supplies are in the "Create" rectangle.  The "Memories" rectangle is where we store projects that are in-progress or complete.

The Stand Tall Bin is our home for stuffed animals.  I'm not sure why we have so many stuffed animals in our house, but each has a name is a part of our family.  The Stand Tall Bin is the perfect home for our fluffy friends that take a lot of space.  This versatile bin will also grow with our children as we will use it to store sports equipment and other larger items when they are older. The generous size, shape, and handles makes it easy to transport.  We embroidered it with the word "Play" because it is a fun label that applies to stuffed animals now and will apply to sports equipment later.

3. Plan for messes by selecting carpeting that is easy to clean.
We bought our new house a couple of years ago. We noticed a trend that many of the houses used FLOR carpeting in their playrooms. Our realtor told us that this was trendy in upscale homes because FLOR carpet tiles are durable, easy to clean or replace, and you are able to customize your design. Many people visit the FLOR store in Dallas.  You may also order their products online here.  I selected the Modern Mix design in Blue. I really like the alternating blues for our particular playroom as it gives the room a pop of color for our boys.  

The FLOR carpet tiles arrived in boxes that are approximately the size pizza boxes.

The FLOR tiles offer the ultimate flexibility as you lay them out in any pattern or size of your choice. For instance, we created a 9'x9' area rug, but you are able to order as many or few tiles as you want based on the size of the area rug that you want to create. They even have tools to cut tiles if needed.  We were able to assemble our area rug with their special glue dots in less than an hour.  It was very easy.

The final look is beautiful!  The FLOR area rug really tied the room together. Now that it is in place, I also have to say that another thing that I love about this FLOR area rug is that it is easy to clean the tiles if there is a spill. You simply lift the dirty square, clean it, allow it to dry, and then add it back to the original space.  I don't have to stress that an entire carpet or rug is ruined. If there is ever a severe accident that can't be cleaned, it's easy to remove a tile and replace it with a new one.

4. Set the rules.
In addition to the products that you use in a room, rules are an important part of a nice playroom. My husband is the strict one in our house and he only allows one toy set out per child at a time. They are allowed to play with anything that they want, but they have to put away one toy or toy set before pulling out anything else.  This generally works well. However, we try to be flexible with this rule when they have other children over for playdates. 

5. Scale cleanup based on age.
Most children do not enjoy cleaning. However, we have found tricks that make it fun at our house. For toddlers, we sing the cleanup song and everyone participates in cleaning up. Once they are older, we do cleaning sprees where we set a timer and everyone cleans as much as possible before the timer goes off.  It's fun to race around to clean as quickly as possible. We started with 3 minutes and slowly increased over time.  We stopped at 10-minute cleaning sprees because we have become so efficient at racing to clean!   (Do you remember that Thirty-One Gifts Stand Tall Bin that we featured above?  Use it for Stuffed Animal Basketball if you need some extra enthusiasm to get your kids going.) 

6. Manage artwork.
Artwork is an important part of childhood and helps with many developmental skills. However, as a parent, I know that the special "artwork collections" become overwhelming. My oldest son sometimes gets into a mode where he creates large quantities of artwork. We have special bins for artwork.  Art supplies go in our "Create" bin and finished artwork goes in our "Memories" bin.  It's a great way to prevent artwork from cluttering your home.  We periodically clean out the "Memories" bin by taking photos of each item and then recycling or discarding everything.

7. Give a personalized space for siblings.
If you have multiple children, give them own personal storage space in the playroom. For instance, one of my children has his name embroidered on a bin while my other son wanted his bin labeled with "Boys & Their Toys".  Thirty-One Gifts makes it easy to customize items, so let them have fun with their personal  storage space and customization!

We hope that you enjoyed our playroom makeover and the tips that we used to guide our design.  Visit FLOR and Thirty-One Gifts for the items featured in this post.

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