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Monday, February 20, 2017

5 Tips for Taking Prenatal Vitamins + DHA

Pregnancy is exciting, but if you are  like me, morning sickness poses a major obstacle. In today's post, I will share tips for moms who are suffering from morning sickness and struggling to keep their prenatal + DHA vitamins down.

1. Timing is everything.
The "morning" in morning sickness is not always accurate.  Some women have nausea and vomiting in the morning while it strikes others in the afternoon or evening. Personally, mine hit hardest in the evening before bedtime. Identify your vomiting patterns and take your vitamins when you typically feel better.

2. Try different prenatal + DHA until you find one that works well for you.

As I mentioned, I had a difficult time keeping food or vitamins down. Personally, I prefer a prenatal vitamin with DHA.  A really nice one that I like is Zahler's Prenatal+DHA 300.  Ask your doctor about it because it is an over-the-counter prenatal with DHA where everything is packed into one pill. That means that you don't have to try swallowing two separate pills. Having one pill instead of two is a big deal when you gag in attempt to swallow vitamins. I also like that this vitamin is free of artificial dyes and additives. It is gluten free too. Click here to find Zahler's Prenatal+DHA 300 on Amazon.

3. Take your prenatal + DHA with food.

Double-check with your doctor or pharmacist first, but in many cases, you are allowed to take your prenatal + DHA with food.  Personally, this helped me to keep my prenatal and DHA down.

4. Schedule it.
Pregnancy is exhausting.  During the first trimester, I sometimes fell asleep by 6pm. It was important for me to schedule a time to take my prenatal + DHA so that I didn't forget.

5. Realize that morning sickness eventually eases.
Morning sickness typically eases by 12 to 14 weeks.  This was the case with my first son. Around 12 weeks, I slowly but surely felt better each day.  Do your best to take your prenatal + DHA and remember that it should get easier with time.

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it's easy to lose your enthusiasm when you are struggling with morning sickness. I hope that some of the tips that I shared today are helpful because I personally struggled with morning sickness and hope that my experience and tips help others.

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