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Saturday, February 11, 2017

6 Valentine Gifts for Moms with Young Children

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday because my husband and sons always center this special day around me.  They say that it is a "girl holiday" where boys are extra nice to girls.  This always makes me laugh and I happily accept their dedication to me every February 14th. In today's post, I'll share six Valentine gift ideas for moms like me who have young children.

1. Dinner at home.
As I mentioned earlier, my husband and sons center Valentine's Day around me. I hope that my boys grow up to be wonderful husbands like their dad.  Incorporating them into the preparation of a special dinner not only sets a great example for them, but it is also fun for all of us.  One of my favorite Valentine dinners was when they made heart-shaped pizzas that my husband grilled.  This allowed my little ones to be heavily involved in the food preparation and they were proud of their festive creations.

2. A family photo.
Valentine's Day is a great time to take a family photo for mom.  Little ones grow so quickly and it is nice to capture photos along the way!  

3. Home spa essentials.
It's exciting, but exhausting to take care of little ones.  Home spa essentials are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day so that mom is able to pamper herself.  Personally, I am excited about the Miracle Skin Transformer Home Spa Essentials Kit.  This trendy kit includes a Microsonic Facial Brush, Hyrdoactive Cleanser, Triple Active Night Treatment, and Miracle Revival Mud.  This limited edition kit is a $100 value that is on sale for $59.  

This kit is a nice gift for mom, especially since nothing is better than having beautiful skin. I'm not a big make-up person, but rather focus on healthy skin and natural makeup that protects my skin.  I only recently started using the Microsonic Facial Brush with the Hydroactive Cleanser from this Miracle Skin Transformer kit.  It's really nice because my skin feels softer and it looks more radiant. I notice a big difference in my t-zone where my pores need extra help.  I also love the Miracle Revival Mud. I have dry skin, but still suffer from large pores.  This is a great product that makes my skin look smoother. I think that the word "revival" in this product name is a great description!  Finally, while I use the other products on Friday nights when I have special time to pamper myself, I actually use the Triple Active Night Treatment every other evening.  My skin is dry and has fine lines.  This treatment has helped to make my skin to have a more even tone.

4. Skincare that protects.
As I mentioned, I'm not a big makeup person. I rarely wear bright eye shadows or lipsticks. However, I am very dedicated to my skin.  My one makeup splurge is Miracle Skin Face with SPF 20.  I have used this 5-in-1 tinted skin enhancer almost daily for several years. I never leave the house without it.  My skin is very dry and suffers from uneven skin tone with some pinkness. I've had photo facial treatments that have helped, but still have uneven skin tone. Miracle Skin Face is amazing because it applies smoothly and makes my skin tone look even.  It also complements my light freckles. I feel so beautiful when I wear this product that I rarely leave home without it.  Plus, it provides UVA/UVB SPF 20 protection which is essential here in Texas.

5. Something that sparkles.
Moms love things that sparkle.  My recommendation for Valentine's Day is the Miracle Skin Transformer Face Spotlight.  (Are you noticing a trend that this is my favorite brand and that I browse this brand at Nordstrom and Sephora often?) This trendy BB & Beyond product hydrates, primes, enhances, illuminates, and protects skin.  I love that it helps to diminish uneven skin texture and appearances of hyper pigmentation. It helps a lot with my issues of large pores, uneven skin tone, and freckles. My skin looks much smoother and even toned when I use this product. Plus, I love that it adds a shimmery sparkle!

6. Breakfast in bed.
Present mom with breakfast in bed.  Personally, my favorite breakfast food is steel cut oatmeal with fresh blueberries and cinnamon.  My husband added a special touch to my favorite breakfast by also adding a strawberry that was cut into the shape of a heart.

We hope that you enjoy some of our special Valentine gift ideas and that you have a wonderful holiday that is filled with love.  

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