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Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Collection of Whimsical Fairy Garden Craft Ideas

In today's post, we'll share a collection of fairy garden projects that are fun and easy for birthday parties, class projects, or community events.  We used fairy garden supplies from Oriental Trading. They have a great selection of craft supplies that allow little ones to use their big imaginations!  We'll share three projects: (1) Fairy Puzzle with Gems, (2) Fairy Garden House, and (3) Fairy Garden Door.

Fairy Puzzle with Gems

1. Give each child a puzzle and supplies to decorate it, including stamps, crayons, or markers.  

2. Give each child a glue pen and access to a bowl with the gems.  Emphasize the importance of placing the gems in the centers of puzzle pieces so that they do not overlap onto multiple puzzle pieces.

3. Allow to dry and enjoy!

Fairy Garden House

1. Take the paper, cardboard, or card stock to fold it into a rectangular shaped house such that the width and length of he house will allow you to place a cupcake wrapper on it as the roof.  Decorate it with a door, windows, and the flower glitter shapes before gluing it into the final shape.

2. Take the second piece of paper, cardboard, or card stock to create the "ground" for the house to sit on.  Glue the house to the ground.  Add the glitter jewels as stepping stones that lead up to the front door.

3. Top the house with a cupcake wrapper roof. You may either glue it to the top of the house or simply let it sit on top of the house without glue.

4. Allow the glue to dry and then use the fairy tale finger puppets to play at the fairy garden house.

Fairy Garden Door

1. Take 4 craft sticks and line them up next to each other.

2. Apply a sticker as a door knob on the door.

3. Add a luck ladybug somewhere on the door.

4. Cut one of the craft sticks in half. Take the two 1/2 craft sticks and glue them across the other 5 craft sticks.  Optionally, smear extra glitter glue on the door so that it looks like fairy dust.

5. Place the fairy door on a tree or other location where the fairy may visit.

Thanks to Oriental Trading for sponsoring this post. 

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