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Sunday, January 29, 2017

DIY Fairy Garden House Craft

Have you ever enjoyed a free event with your children at your local library, park, or school?  I certainly have.  We have attended many story time and craft events at our local library. We've also attended free science camps and family nights at a local university. In today's post, I'll encourage you to pay it forward and to organize a small craft event for little ones in your community because it feels great to give back!

DIY Fairy Garden House Craft
The activity that we organized is an inexpensive craft to create a Fairy Garden House that scales well in terms of cost.  The secret behind an inexpensive craft event like this is that we use stamps and ink that are easy to reuse, reuse, and reuse!  We also use stock paper, glue, cupcake liners, and stickers.

Part 1 - Give Fairy Certificates
We gave each child a certificate with a unique fairy name.  This was cute and very easy to create. 


1. Cut each sheet of card stock in half (or fourths). Select one of the fairy stamps to stamp the card stock and then handwrite the name of a fairy on each card with a pencil so that the children are able to trace the name and decorate the sheet.  We chose unique names so that each child had their own special fairy. 

Part 2 - Fairy Garden House Craft
As I mentioned earlier, this is a craft that is easy to scale. Once you have the stamps, it's inexpensive to use paper, glue, cupcake liners, and stickers. Optionally, you may also give crayons, markers, or colored pencils to the children.

1. Cut the card stock into thirds. That is 8-1/2"x4" pieces.

2. Allow the children to stamp doors and windows onto the paper so that they will line up nicely when they roll the paper into a cylinder shape.  

3. Let the children select one of the 2016-2018 In Color Enamel Shapes to use as a doorknob. 

4. Allow the children to color on their designs.

5. Roll the card stock into a cylinder shape that matches the size of the inner part of the cupcake liner and adhere with glue, staples, or double-sided adhesive.

6. Place the cupcake liner on top of the house to serve as a roof.

There you have it! This activity is easy-peasy for a whimsical event that allows the children to have fun and use their imaginations.  It's amazing how happy and excited they are when it comes to activities that focus on their own special fairy!

We hope that this post inspires you to pay-it-forward and to host a fun craft event at your local library, park, or other community location!

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