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Monday, March 13, 2017

Our Pi Day Party with Ozobots!

March 14th is one of our favorites days of the year because the date is 3.14 and affectionately known as Pi Day.  My husband and I both have degrees in Engineering, so we love an excuse to eat pie and have geeky fun. While we always have pie on Pi Day, this year's celebration was extra fun because we had Ozobots at our annual party.  (We actually had our party the weekend before Pi Day so that we could share this fun Pi Day party idea with you in this post.) 

We taught our guests how to have fun with these trendy little robots and they were a hit with everyone from grandparents to children.  Actually, some of our neighbors are retired, so they were excited to learn about Ozobots so that they could get them for their grandchildren and be the "cool grandparents" that teach them how to use robots! They advertise Ozobots as fun for everyone from ages 6 to 99, but I didn't realize until our party that they truly are amazing for all of these ages!

Let's start with the food.  Have everyone bring a pie, including everything from traditional pies to pizza pies!  Tell everyone that there are no rules when it comes to pie - get creative!  You can't go wrong when it comes to pies.  This is an event when it is "the more, the merrier" since everyone brings pies.

Seriously, the more overboard, the better!

Now let's talk about the Ozobots.  As a Computer Engineer and a mom, I love these trendy little robots because they are easy to use and introduce computational thinking in a fun format.  My 6-year old actually led the activity in showing off the robots and teaching people to use them.  They really are that easy to use that my 6-year old could teach everyone.  

We were lucky that Tryazon sent us some Ozobots to try out at our party and to raffle off to guests.  They sent Ozobots for 100 parties in total, so visit here to check out some of the other parties.  Here is a photo of an Ozobot kit. You'll notice that it comes with our trendy little robot, four markers, and little maps. 

This trendy little robot knows how to tell the difference between the colors on the map and also has three little programming environments for more advanced little programmers called, Play, Drive, and OzoBlockly. I thought that we would use our iPads to play with these, but then people whipped out their phones at the party to download the app and we had a lot of action with different devices! I was impressed that it was as simple as downloading an app and then people had a lot of fun.  These little Ozobots are great for parties!

Here is the app on an iPhone.

Here it is on an iPad.

In addition to the coding, children will have fun using their art supplies to create little villages and scenes for their Ozobos to zoom around. The craft below was a ramp for the Ozobots!  (Yes, little energetic minds at work...)

They also found a stack of Dr. Suess books that I had leftover from Dr. Suess Day and they used them to create tunnels.  Really, the options and creativity is unlimited when it comes Ozobots.  They provide hours, and hours, and hours of fun!

We can't say enough good things about Ozobots.  They are fun and educational.  We hope that you are able to order an Ozobot for your family and have fun programming.  We definitely had a blast with these fun little robots!  Check out the other Tryazon parties here. Visit the Ozobot website here. Order on Amazon here.

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