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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tips for Buying Summer Footwear for Boys

My boys are the ultimate stress testers.  They are not able to walk past a puddle without jumping and splashing.  There are no barriers to catch a grasshopper.  It takes 30 feet for them to realize that their shoes are still on when they run through sand.  Their energy level seems to be permanently set to go-go-go!  I am a mom who knows energetic little boys very well. In today's post, I'll share tips for buying summer footwear for boys. I will also show you the M.A.P. shoes that I personally picked out for my boys this summer.

Tips for Buying Summer Footwear for Boys

1. Quality counts.
Quality counts for a few reasons.  The most important reason is that our little guys are still developing.  I may try to save on other areas of our budget, but I never skimp on shoes since they are an important foundation for their growth.  Second, you don't want to go through multiple pairs of shoes in a single size.  It's so much easier to buy good quality shoes that hold up well to energetic little boys rather than buying low quality shoes that you frequently replace.  

2. Quick drying shoes are critical in summer.
As I mentioned earlier, my boys cannot walk past a puddle without jumping and splashing.  We also struggle with lawn sprinklers. We walk to the park in the evening and most people set their sprinkles to water at this time.  They can't resist getting wet.  It's a little boy instinct that may be possible to tame, but I haven't fully figured out how to do that yet.  It's much easier to let them wear shorts and to buy quick drying shoes.  My boys wear M.A.P. shoes in the summer because their quick drying technology is a lifesaver. 

3. Rugged sandals are a must-have for little boys.
My boys are permanently set to go-go-go.  This means that I need to wash-wash-wash their clothing with hot-hot-hot water and a good laundry detergent to get rid of the smell.  We live in Texas where it is hot and humid, so I don't even want to imagine the smell of closed-toe shoes in summer.  Rugged sandals that allow their feet to breathe are necessities.  For instance, my boys have the Emmons and Emmons-T (for toddlers) Fisherman Sandals.  These combine the structure and soles that you expect from good quality athletic shoes for kids, but the open design helps their little toes to breathe. I also love the quick-dry technology that I mentioned earlier.

4. Keep closed toe shoes on hand for camps, preschool, or other activities.
While my boys usually wear rugged sandals in summer, there are exceptions. For instance, the preschool that one of my sons attends does not allow sandals because their playground has wood chips that may get caught in a sandal. In this case, athletic shoes are needed. If you are able to get by with just rugged sandals in the summer, that is best, but don't be caught off guard if you need an extra pair of shoes for camps, preschools, or other activities.  In this case, we go with M.A.P. Shoes Troy Sneaker because they are good quality and the quick dry technology is nice. (Plus, if you buy everything that you need at once, M.A.P. Shoes offers free shipping on orders over $50!)   If your little one doesn't know how to tie shoe laces yet, but thinks that velcro is embarrassing, these shoes have a cool little bungee closure that my son loves.  (We've all been there, right?!)

5. Growth spurts happen, so stock up for free shipping.
Growth spurts come with the territory when you have little boys. You may consider purchasing shoes in their current size and a size larger so that you are ready for those growth spurts.  Take advantage of free shipping offers online by ordering current and future sizes.   Personally, I think that this is a perk of having boys.  My friends with girls tell me that their daughters insist on picking out their own clothing and shoes. I asked my oldest son if he would prefer to pick his own clothing and shoes. His response was that he doesn't care as long as I don't get him shirts with pictures of babies on them.  I had to laugh because I'm a "boy mom" and while I would have loved to have a daughter, I have to appreciate the little perks like the easy going nature that comes with most boys. It's so easy to order an extra pair of shoes for each of them so that we are ready for the next growth spurt.

I hope that you enjoyed this insight into our family.  It's an amazing experience to have little boys, but I completely understand that it is a lot of work too.  I hope that you will visit us again soon as we continue to share more parenting tips for trendy moms!

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