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Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Baby's First Easter Basket

I am in a baby group where we had a long discussion about whether a baby should receive an Easter basket when they are under one year old.  Some moms think that it's fun. Others say to skip it because they won't remember.  Personally, I think that it is a fun idea that gives me happiness and lasts in photos. I have two children, so my older son appreciates knowing that the Easter Bunny is there for his baby brother.  So, let me share his Easter basket!

We use the Easter Basket Totes from Lands' End.  My older son already had one that we reuse each year. Their totes are amazing because they are adorable and durable.  My older son has stress tested his Easter Basket Tote since he was 2 years old.  It has survived Easter Egg Hunts in the rain and mud. It has survived melted chocolate, spilled drinks, and sticky cotton candy. I've had to tell him that he isn't allowed to use it as a hat or as a pretend boot.  Yes, my child has stress tested his Easter Basket Tote over the years!  Amazingly, it has held up to his stress testing and still looks as good as new.  I simply wash it with gentle laundry soap in my sink and let it air dry at the end of each season so that it is ready for next year. In addition to the durability, I have to add that my son loves the generous size of this Easter basket.  It holds approximately one gallon worth of treats.  This trendy little Easter Basket Tote has been a big part of his childhood and appears in Easter photos every year.  

Here is a photo of the whimsical Easter Basket Tote that has lasted 5 years and looks like new!

Now that we have another baby, we decided to order matching Easter Basket Totes from Lands' End for both of them since we know that we will use them from year-to-year.  We had them embroidered with their names.  We love the camouflage eggs this year, but they also have several other patterns available.  

Here is a photo of the new Easter Basket Totes.

As I mentioned earlier, this is my baby's first Easter.  We filled his Easter Basket Tote with a few fun items. The toys include a rubber ducky, ball, gears, and tubes for bathtub fun. 

We hope that you have a wonderful Easter weekend!  If you love the Easter Basket Totes, you will find them on Lands' End website here

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