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Friday, April 7, 2017

Recap: The Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower in Dallas

We attended the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower in Dallas last night. This trendy event was a lot of fun since I recently gave birth to my baby.  There is a large age gap between my two children and times have changed.  The products on the market are very different this time around, so it was fun to check out the latest baby gear and accessories. Baby carriers have changed. Baby bouncers have changed, including some that even look like small amusement park rides. Fashion has slightly changed.  Baby food pouches are more popular.  The list goes on...  Let me share some photos!

Let's start with diapers.  There were a few diaper brands there, but my favorite is Pampers. One of my previous neighbors used to work for the company that creates Pampers. They always told me how the scientists and engineers that work there are perfectionists. A lot of thought goes into these diapers. They laughed that they used to be diaper testers where they would try out new versions of Pampers and log data such as the weight and status of diapers at diaper changes.  I love knowing that they include actual parents with babies in their design process.   In any case, it's the final product that matters and we have always found Pampers to be the gold standard for diapers.  This is the brand that we use for our baby.

Pampers had a nice display at the event.

They had a changing table with diapers. It looks similar to my changing table at home.

Pampers was generous with samples and coupons.  In my opinion, the booth was well organized and the staff was outgoing to chat and answer questions.  If Pampers is on the list at a future event, then add that to your "pro list" when debating whether to purchase a ticket for the event.

Another one of my favorite booths was by MomTrends.  I received a copy of the "Mom Boss" book. I am excited to read this because it seems like it will be motivational.  If you follow regularly, you know that I had a tough time after giving birth as I had surgeries (not related to childbirth) while also dealing with my baby's severe food allergies.  Now that a few months have passed, I feel like I am finally getting back to my normal self and moving forward with more optimism.  This book is for moms who want to do it all - be a mom, an entrepreneur, and enjoy life!  As an engineer, mom, and entrepreneur, I am looking forward to reading this book and picking up tips.

The MomTrends table also introduced me to BoomBox. This is a beautiful idea for storing memories and is perfect for moms.

As I mentioned earlier, baby carriers have changed since my older son was a baby. Tula had a rack of different carriers to try on.  This was really nice because we all have different body types and preferences.  I do most of my shopping online, but this was a nice opportunity to try on the products to narrow down my favorite option.

Summer Infant had a booth.  This little play yard is on my wish list for when my baby starts to sit up and crawl.

Another company that I came across at the event is called Boob Food.  Their lactation cookies are amazing! They are vegan too. I had to completely remove dairy from my diet due to my baby's food allergy.  I mainly eat vegan since that is an easy way to sort through foods to find dairy-free items. I've tried several vegan cookies at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, but was not thrilled. However, these cookies are seriously amazing!!  I wouldn't have known that they were vegan if it were a blind taste test. 

There were also a couple of companies with prenatal vitamins. I couldn't try them since they weren't vegan, but I could see many moms that would be excited to try them since I remember nausea during pregnancy. Some of the vitamins have ginger and other ingredients to try to help.

There were many other companies, but those were a few of my favorites. When you consider purchasing a ticket, the Big City Moms page will tell you the list of sponsors.  The list is quite extensive.

The event included lite bites with the ticket.  Here are a few photos.

This was from the line with the main food.

We also found water and cupcakes.

Here is a closer view of the cupcakes.

Finally, let me share photos of samples from the goody bag since I know that many of you factor the goody bag into whether you want to purchase a ticket. The bags will vary at each location, but let me share what I found in mine. I grouped them into different categories.

There were different diapers, wipes, and an ointment to try.

The next group includes lotions and potions.

The next group is related to eating.

The next group includes odds and ends that are trendy and practical.

They also included cleaning products. This made me laugh because the items are very practical as we seem to make more messes than ever with a baby in the house.

The event also offered seminars. We were not able to attend the seminars because we left the event early.  Our baby got sick on my husband.  While we had an extra outfit for our baby, we didn't have an extra shirt for my husband.  Many of the talks sounded interesting. I wish that I could have attended, but even so, we had a nice evening. When you consider purchasing your ticket, I would recommend checking out the list of talks and adding some of them to your "pro list" since they cover interesting topics.  Not only will you have the opportunity to listen to great talks, but they also let people ask questions. It's also a nice opportunity to network with other moms in our area.

Now, my only request... I wish that they had an event like this for toddlers since we will outgrow the event next year!  

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