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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Child Friendly Taco Night Checklist from a Texas Mom

Child Friendly Taco Night Checklist from a Texas Mom
Tacos are a staple for moms in Texas. However, many of us tailor our taco nights so that they are child-friendly.  For instance, you may want to skip things such as salsa, onions, or peppers if your children are not fans of those ingredients.   In today's post, I'll share a checklist of items that you need for a  healthy child-friendly "Family Taco Night".  

Let's start with the ingredient checklist.

Now let's talk about how to set up the Taco Night.  

1. Let them build their own with a "minimum" requirement.
It is important to let your child build their own tacos.  This hands-on activity is fun for them. They are more likely to eat their dinner without complaints since they "made" it.  We have a rule that they have to add a minimum amount of each ingredient to encourage them to eat a well balanced meal.

2. Use lean meat.
We use lean meat in our tacos. Our child-tested favorite is Jennie-O Lean Ground Turkey that we simply cook in a skillet over medium heat with two tablespoons of taco seasoning.  It's quick, easy, and healthy.  It also disappears quickly!

3. Heat up the tortillas.
I thought that everyone knew this, but perhaps it's knowledge that I take for granted as a Texas mom - heat up your tortillas!  It makes a big difference.  Personally, I warm each tortilla by placing it in a skillet over low/medium heat for approximately 20 seconds on each side.

4. Skip the onions, peppers, and salsa for young children.
Don't worry if your young children dislike onions, peppers, or salsa. My oldest son didn't like them until he was seven years old.  We patiently waited for him to decide that he liked them.

5. Provide lime juice in place of salsa.
If you have children that won't touch salsa, provide them with lime wedges to give extra flavor to their food.

We hope that our tips help and that you enjoy your next Family Taco Night!

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