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Monday, May 15, 2017

My Experience with HOOT for Kids (Treasure Boxes of Toys for Babies, Toddlers, and Children)

In today's post, I will tell you how I have been using the help of experts from HOOT for Kids to select toys for my baby each month in order to help with his development.  (Spoiler alert - They collect data from me to curate Treasure Boxes of toys for him and are amazing!)

Here is a quick overview from their website:

"HOOT for Kids was born out of our love and passion for children and is led by Lisa, a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. Lisa has dedicated over 25 years helping babies and school aged children alike to challenge themselves recognizing the beauty within each child and their individual differences that make every child unique. Through play, children can learn and grow in their excitement of the world around them. Read our entire story here!"
If you all follow regularly, you know that my biggest joy is being a mom. I will do anything for my children. I am continuously working on self improvement in my quest to be the best mom possible to my boys.  My degrees are in Computer Engineering.  I've never taken any courses related to childhood development or parenting. I wish that I would have taken such courses, but at my age with a job and children, it's hard to find the time. I'm sure that many of you relate. I rely a lot on my children's teachers, friends, and other parents for advice. I have also come to rely on another resource in my quest to be the best mom possible - HOOT for Kids

HOOT for Kids offers trendy Treasure Boxes that are curated based on the age of your baby and an optional survey in which you specify various observations about your baby's development such as whether they are able to grasp a toy/rattle with their hand, play with hands together, etc.  They use all of this data to curate a box for your child. For instance, here is part of a survey for my baby. (The survey is longer, but this gives you an idea about the types of questions and how easy it is to complete the survey.)

It's really interesting because the experts at HOOT for Kids used our surveys to select toys based on my child's age and skills.  They have done an amazing job!  Let me share a few examples.  Our first box was handpicked for my baby at 9-months old based on the survey information that I shared. The box contained three trendy toys that he LOVED and a guide that described each toy and the related skills that he was practicing.  The toys include 

  • Green Sprouts Teething Keys: This set of keys provides your baby with an opportunity to safely explore with their hands and mouth. Jingle keys gently early on to either side of your baby's head for auditory stimulation.  (Oral, Visual Motor/Perceptual, Fine Motor) 
  • Dancing Nicky: This sweet dancing rattle will delight your child in the crib or attached to a stroller or car seat. This dangling toy provides soft vibration for sensory and is brightly colored, making it a real eye catcher. As baby grows, they will be able to pull on it to set it into motion. (Sensory, Strength, Visual Motor/Perceptual, Fine Motor)
  • Baby's First Jungle Ball: This delightful jungle ball is a perfect size for your little one's hands. Push the ball back and forth while your child is lying on their tummy to strengthen head, neck, and back muscles for the younger baby. For the older baby/child who demonstrates good sitting balance, roll the ball to the baby and watch as they reach for it and come back to sit. The toddler will enjoy throwing the ball back and forth as a part of a game. (Gross Motor, Sensory, Visual Motor/Perceptual)

The guides have been really nice because they have helped me to better understand my baby and realize that he is practicing specific skills such as oral, visual motor/perceptual, fine motor, and more with the different toys.  These HOOT for Kids boxes help me to be a better mom and to learn as I go with the Treasure Boxes that have toys and a guide of how my baby interacts with them.

In addition to the box above, here are a some other boxes. You'll notice that each box has 3 items and a nice guide.  The box curators did an amazing job and I'll always remember their Treasure Boxes as a fun part of my son's babyhood. My baby and our entire family looked forward to learning new things - he learned new things with the toys and we learned about the skills that he was working on thanks to the informative guide that came with each box. We look forward to more HOOT for Kids boxes in the future. (They have boxes for up to age 6!)

In summary, I am really excited to share HOOT for Kids because we have had a great experience. I had no idea that the sweet little toys in these boxes would provide so many hours of entertainment, but it makes sense after learning about the different skills that he is practicing.  As a mom, I want to do the best job possible for my children. It's nice to have extra help by having the experts at HOOT for Kids process my baby's age and skills to select items that help with his development. I also appreciate their guidance as they teach me about his development while he is having fun!   Visit HOOT for Kids here.

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