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Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Must-Have Baby Shower Gift and a Few Variations with Sophie

If you follow regularly, you know that I am competitive when it comes to giving gifts. I will spend hours trying to find the perfect gift for a friend or family member.  It's so much fun to see their excitement.  Baby shower gifts are my specialty since I recently had a baby and know my personal favorites! Plus, I am in several mom groups and hear other moms talk about their favorite gifts. In today's post, I'll will share my opinion of the #1 baby gift - Sophie the giraffe.  I will also share a few variations in case someone else already bought the lucky mom a Sophie.

Over the years, the must-have items have ranged from Diaper Cakes to Diaper Genies to Boppies.  The most recent baby shower trend is a sweet little teether - Sophie the giraffe.  She is soft, adorable, and easy to grab thanks to her long neck and legs.  Her dark and contrasting spots provide visual stimulation. She is made from natural rubber (from Hevea tree) and is colored with food paint.  She is great for teething and quickly becomes a comfort toy.  She even has a sense of humor as she will squeak when you squeeze her tummy!   My baby has spent hours and hours with his Sophie. I see his mind at work as he studies her spots and moves her around. He finds a lot of comfort in chewing on her.  He also gives us baby giggles she squeaks.  It's the most adorable thing!  

So, while I think that Sophie the Giraffe is the #1 baby shower gift, it is a concern that multiple people will bring Sophie as a gift.  Let me share a few other adorable gift ideas that are also very sweet and will stand out from the crowd. The first is the Mii Sophie the Giraffee Bottle. I use this bottle for my baby and he loves it!  We had to try a few different bottles to find one that he liked and this was a winner.  The bottles are sold individually or as a gift set.

The next gift idea is the So'Pure Coloring Teether.  This is another toy that has entertained my baby for many hours and given him comfort.  It's really interesting because the four colorful shapes are fascinating to him.  He loves to feel them with his hands, chew on them, spin them, and move them from side-to-side. I feel like I am watching his mind in motion as he practices fine motor skills.   In addition, this toy is a comfort toy. It seems to soothe him.   This toy is an important part of his babyhood!

The next item is a trendy Sophie Bath Toy.  We've enjoyed many baby giggles with this bath toy. My baby loves to watch her float. He also loves to make her splash.  She is an integral part of our bath routine!

The next idea is the So'Pure Teether Duet. They sell these in packs of one or two.  We recommend purchasing two so that you are able to give one to your baby and keep one in your diaper bag in case the first one falls onto the ground.  My baby loves chewing on this teether.  It's funny because he has a style - he chews, rotates, chews, rotates, and repeats.  However, he's still learning and often drops his teether and then cries. That's when the second one in a diaper bag becomes a lifesaver! 

Finally, we love the So'Pure Building Blocks.  My baby loves to play with these in his carseat right now. He is a curious baby.  He becomes very engaged with the blocks by visually inspecting them, rotating them, feeling them, and chewing on them.  These will grow with him as he will eventually figure out how to stack them!

We hope that you enjoy our baby shower gift suggestions!  It's always a nice feeling to give a popular baby gift that a friend loves.  It is also nice when the "best gift" is a sweet toy that will appear in many photographs with adorable little gummy grins!

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