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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tips for Buying Boys Clothing (from a mom with picky children)

Do your boys love to shop for clothing? If not, you are in good company. In today's post, I will share some tips for shopping for boys clothing and tell you about a trendy clothing box called, KIDBOX that made my life easier. Spoiler alert: The trendy KIDBOX subscription box will rock your world. It is a game changer for busy parents who want to save time and money on shopping for clothing for their children while also making sure that they have a trendy wardrobe.

1. Focus on dark solids and then a few pops of color.

My boys have problems with drinks and food. They drop. They spill. It's an epidemic.  We focus on dark color solids for basics so that stains are not as big of an issue for us. I then buy a few items to give a pop of color.

2. Go for quality so that clothing lasts longer.
My boys are the ultimate stress testers when it comes to clothing.  I always go for high quality clothing so that it last longer. 

3. Don't go it alone - work with a KIDBOX stylist.
Did you know that there is a service, KIDBOX, that will shop for your children, send you a box of clothing, and let you return anything that they don't like?  It's really cool! Plus, the prices are less than what most of us would normally spend on each item. Let me share our experience.

I worked with my oldest son to create a KIDBOX account. We then completed a survey for the stylist. I really liked that they not only asked about his favorite styles, but they also asked for things that he doesn't like. We were able to tell the stylist that he doesn't like jeans, red shirts, or cartoon characters on clothing. We also shared his age and size. I thought that was important because my son is younger than his clothing age.

Here are a few screenshots to give you an idea about how easy it is to go through the KIDBOX survey.

Each screen asks a small question.  We are shopping for a Boy!

We filled out several questions that I mentioned earlier about age and size. They also show you sample outfits so that they are able to get a feeling for your style preferences.

On the flip side, they also let you specify what they don't like.  I really liked that they asked for examples of what my son doesn't like since he is picky.

They understand that you have specific needs for a season. For instance, you may need school clothes, weekend clothes, basics, trendy pieces, and more. 

KIDBOX also understands that everyone has different brand preferences.  You are able to give them examples of stores that you shop at for your children.

Your child is special and they want to match their clothing to their personality. As I mentioned earlier, my children are all Active!

When our box arrived, my son was excited to open it. He knew that a stylist customized the box just to him which made him feel special. The box contained several items, including 4 shirts and 3 pairs of shorts.

We started by reading the guide that they provided for us. You will notice that it is customized to our son.   They also included stickers and crayons for him to decorate the box.  (He thought that was very cool!)

The way that it works is that you keep the items if you are happy. My son loved all of the items, so we kept them all. As a bonus, since we kept the entire box, an article of clothing was donated to a child in need. In the case that he didn't like an item, it would have been easy to return. KIDBOX is transparent about the process. Each item has a price that they will credit back to you if you return it within 7 days. For instance, the items/prices for our box are shown below. They even provided a pre-addressed mailer to make it easy for you to ship anything back. 

Here are photos of the four tops. They are all good quality fabric and stitching that should hold up to my energetic son.  He loved all of them, especially the Reebok shirt that says, "Stand Out".

Here is a photo of the shorts. They are all comfortable for my energetic little boy.  Hoe loves all of them, especially the grey shorts on the far left because they are super cozy.

My son loved the clothing in KIDBOX. I have to admit that the stylist at KIDBOX did a better job at selecting clothing for my son than me.  I have gone shopping on my own for him and brought things home to see what he likes. My last experiment only yielded a 25% success rate. I was disappointed to return most of the items that I purchased.  On the other hand, the KIDBOX stylist had a 100% success rate as he liked every item. It goes to show that the professional stylist knows kids well.  My son is happy. I am happy. Plus, I love that KIDBOX doesn't charge full retail prices for items which is another reason to love them.

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