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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

5 Ways for Moms to Fit More Hours into a Day

Do you ever feel like there aren't enough hours in a day? Now that I have two children, I am learning that parenting doesn't scale. Sleep and "me time" are luxuries that have been in short supply for me lately. It's challenging to keep up.  I had to make it a priority to research time saving tricks in order to add more balance to my life.  In today's post, I'll share five ways to save time on tasks that otherwise take a lot of time.

1. Cleaning sprees.
We have short 10 minute cleaning sprees for our entire family each day.  Sometimes it is two per day. We race to get as much done as possible in the short time increment.  Guess what - we accomplish a lot when we turn on some music and race to brag about everything that we packed into our time limit!  Personally, I strap my baby into a baby carrier and take the chores such as mopping or removing clutter from counters. My 7-year old focuses on things that I can't do with a baby in the carrier such as bending over to put shoes away, cleaning baseboards, and more. My husband unloads the dishwasher and everything else that he is able to pack into the 10 minutes. Boom! Ten minutes and we are all happy and then I have fewer cleaning chores to work on before I go to bed in the evening.

2. Outsource clothing shopping to Wee Blessing.
I used to love shopping for clothing. That was before I had children who I had to bribe with Cinnabon or Auntie Anne's at the mall in exchange for only driving me 20% crazy.  I joke, but my oldest son really doesn't enjoy clothing shopping. The last time that I took him to Gymboree, he said that he didn't care what I bought as long as it didn't have Sesame Street or baby cartoons on it.  I then pulled out suggestions and his list of aversions grew... "Oh, and it can't be a tank top.  Oh, and no jeans. Oh, only athletic pants, but one pair of khaki pants is OK if there is a special event at school. Oh, and don't forget my favorite colors." He claims to be easy going, but then has a reason to dislike many things that I pick out.  I know that it's a phase. Well, I think that it's a phase!  In any case, add an impatient baby to the mix and I have lost my love for shopping for clothing.  Thank goodness for Wee Blessing and their miracle stylists that not only find clothing that fits my son's preferences, but does it at a major discount! For instance, let me share examples of our recent Wee Blessing box.

In our experience, the stylist that curated my son's Wee Blessing box has fantastic fashion taste.  She chose four trendy outfits that he absolutely loved. My son is a cross between preppy and sporty. Not only did she  find clothing that was a perfect fit for his style, but the clothes were also perfect for our summer season here in Texas. Let me share a few examples.

Here are the shirts.

Here are the shorts.

The first outfit includes a trendy polo shirt with plaid shorts. This was a great pick for my little boy to wear to school.

The next outfit is more casual and is super comfortable.

The next outfit includes a stylish striped shirt with cargo shorts. My son loves the colors.

The final outfit includes a Calvin Klein top and my son's favorite shorts.  The fabric for the shorts is really nice because it dries rather quickly. It's really nice for the Texas heat and humidity.

We were very happy with our package.  However, if you worried that you may not like everything and will be stuck with surprise items that you don't love, let me tell you how that works. If you love all of the items in your box, you keep the box.  If some items are not a good fit, then you send them back for a refund.  I like that they are transparent about the prices so that you know the exact cost breakdown of each item.  I also like that the individual prices are well below typical retail values.  Wee Blessing not only knows how to find the trendiest fashions, but also how to score amazing deals on the items.

3. Make lunches for a few days in advance.
My son takes his own lunch to school. I save time by making a few lunches in advance so that they are ready to go throughout the week.  This is also nice because it prevents us from running late in the morning.

4. Buy healthy snacks in bulk.
I have boys.  Boys who seem to always be hungry.  They may be tiny little things, but I frequently hear, "Mom, I'm hungry."  I shop at Costco to buy fruits, veggies, and other snacks in bulk.  This makes life much easier since I am able to prep small containers of fruits and veggies at one time and then they grab them from the refrigerator when hunger strikes.

A mom's work is never done.  It's a tough job that often leaves us stretched thin.  I hope that today's tips help to make your life easier and that you are able to free up extra time for you own special "me time"!

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