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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Our Amazing Experience with British Swim School (Swim Classes in North Texas)

As a mom of two energetic boys here in Texas, we often visit water attractions to escape the heat. My children are several years apart in age and pull me in different directions. It's important to teach them basic water safety skills. In today's post, I'll tell you about our amazing experience with the British Swim School.

Let's start by telling you the basics about this trendy program. The British Swim School is available at numerous locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.  There are several locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro. (Click here to find a location near you.) British Swim School is the pioneer of gentle, non-traditional water safety programs. British Swim School has made it their mission to help prevent tragic water accidents with a two-step curriculum that teaches children and adults of all ages water safety and survival skills first, swimming skill development second.  

The British Swim School offers year round swim lessons that can benefit children for a multitude of reasons. Not only will it benefit children physically, but according to scientific studies at the German Sports College Cologne, kids who swim year-round fared better academically, particularly in problem-solving skills. A swim instructor will teach you the step-by-step procedures to prepare your child for the water, as well as provide an explanation of the top five water safety tips that will help save the littlest of lives.

We participated in lessons at the LA Fitness location in Grapevine, TX.  This location is across the road from Grapevine Mills and is easily accessible since it is right off of the highway. The facility is very nice, especially the pool area that is clean.

As a mom of two children who are several years apart in age, I have been impressed by the curriculum and excellent instructors for both of them. My children have had a lot of fun at the lessons while gaining valuable skills.  My younger son is a Tadpole and my older son is a Minnow. The class sizes are quite small.  The Tadpole class is never larger than a 1:6 instructor to parent/baby pair ratio. The Minnow class is never larger than a maximum of a 1:4 instructor to student ratio.  This allows the instructors to give the children a lot of attention.  The group classes are nice because I have found that the children giggle a lot and serve as examples for each other. 

The British Swim School rocked my baby's world!  He had a look of "serious business" during the lesson.  I wasn't quite sure what he was thinking, but was proud of him for going with the flow during the lesson.  Once we got to the car, he smiled and cooed. It was amazing. He was clearly trying to tell us about his swim lesson!  We've never heard him try to talk so much and with such enthusiasm. It was a wonderful feeling to see our baby learning new skills and glowing from the experience.

Let me share a few photos that show highlights.  The Tadpole class includes parents with their babies.  We started by slowly immersing our baby into the water by dipping his toes, then his waist, and eventually his shoulders.  The instructor had a baby doll to show us different moves that we did with our baby. It was really interesting because the instructor was very good at keeping our baby's attention.

We also sprinkled and squirted water to help acclimate him with the water.

Another highlight was when he crawled around on a float that had holes in it.  This was adorable! I could see his mind at work as he curiously explored the float, including the holes with water flowing through them.  

The swim lessons for our baby were a huge success!  We look forward to continuing his swim lessons.  (In hindsight, I wish that I would have enrolled my older son in these lessons when he was a baby.)

Let me share a few photos from my older son's Minnow class.  There are a few things that really stood out about this class: (1) the instructor was fantastic with children, (2) the instructor acclimated them to the water well by having them sing a song while splashing and giggling, (3) the children took turns practicing different skills and were a good influence on each other, and (4) there was a strong emphasis on water safety.

As I mentioned, the instructor was fantastic because he was well trained, enthusiastic, and knew how to motivate the children.  I was surprised that my son was almost instantly comfortable in the class.  The children each sat in their special area and sang the Hokey Pokey song and splashed. My son thought that this was a lot of fun. The activity bonded him with the instructor and other children.

They then focused on safety skills such as how to get into the pool and how to climb out. It took my son a few tries, but he was a pro by the end of the class. They also practiced floating on their backs.  This was very useful for my son.  One of the activities was a bit challenging for him, so I appreciated that they helped him to practice a few times.  It was called torpedo and involved rolling over and floating on his back. The instructor made it so much fun that my son wanted to practice more when we got home.  I really liked that our son was excited about his lesson and that he wanted to practice more and show off his new skills at home.  

Our son also raved about the free play at the end of the lesson.  They had a bin full of pool toys for the children.  It was fun to see them practicing their new skills and having fun.  I'm a big believer in making learning fun, so the British Swim School definitely exceeded my expectations in making their experience fun!

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The British Swim School offers year round lessons. Visit the British Swim School here.

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