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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How to Build the Perfect Ice Cream Cone at Swirl World + 79-cent Ice Cream Cones at RaceTrac Stores in DFW @Racetrac #Sodapalooza

I've posted about RaceTrac's Swirl World last month, but have since learned a really cool tip (pun intended) that I want to share with all of you. Swirl World offers several trendy flavors of frozen yogurt and 40+ toppings that allow you to create your own customized dessert. On my most recent visit, I purchased an ice cream cone with vanilla frozen yogurt. An employee at the store told me that I could also add toppings to my ice cream cone as long as the toppings fit into the cone and/or stay on the ice cream cone. This was news to me! So, in honor of this fabulous discovery, let me share some tips on how to build the perfect ice cream cone at Swirl World.

1. Fill the bottom of the cone with a tasty topping to prevent possible leaks.
If you are using a sugar cone or waffle cone, add your favorite topping to the bottom of the cone such as a marshmallow, an M&M, a Reese's Pieces, or even a fresh berry. Not only does this taste delicious, but it also helps to prevent ice cream from leaking out of the bottom of the cone.

2. Add your favorite frozen yogurt by using a swirl pattern.
The swirl is a critical part of the ice cream cone architecture. You'll be able to stack more ice cream onto your cone with better stability if you swirl the ice cream onto your cone.

3. Advanced users may go for a candy core.
If you are an advanced fro-yo expert, you may consider adding fro-yo to your cone so that it is below-the-rim, followed by a layer of toppings, and then another layer of fro-yo. This works best if your final layer of frozen yogurt starts slightly below-the-rim of your cone. Personally, I love a layer of Reese's Pieces!

I then top it with more vanilla frozen yogurt.

4. Sprinkle light toppings onto your cone.
If you want to add additional toppings to your final creation, stick with tiny and lightweight toppings that will easily stick to your fro-yo. Sprinkles are my favorite. (Heavier toppings will make a mess.)

5. Add a topping topper.
Top your creation with a cherry on top. If you have little ones, they may prefer a gummy bear, lucky charm marshmallow, or gummy worm on top. There are many cute options at RaceTrac's Swirl World!

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro, you'll be happy to know that RaceTrac offers cake ice cream cones for 79-cents during June and July! Plus, don't forget that Sodapalooza runs until July 31st! There is still time to buy your cups if you are lucky to find one. The Sodapalooza cups are one of those "while supplies last deals." I hope that you are able to find one if you haven't already!

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