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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tips for Increasing the Amount of Fruits & Veggies in Your Child's Diet this School Year #JambaMama

If you follow regularly, you know that I pay close attention to the ingredients in everything that we consume. We follow an 80-20 rule in which 80% of our diet includes fresh fruits and veggies.  In today's post, I'll share tips for how we pack extra nutrients into our children's diets during the school year.

1. Let your children grow veggies, fruits, or herbs.
This tip is tricky as it depends on the amount of space that you have for a garden.  If you have a large amount of space, plant colorful fruits and veggies.  If you are tight on space, consider participating in a community garden or growing herbs on your patio or kitchen counter.  The most important part of the experience is that your children have fun growing "real" food because they will want to eat it!

2. Take Mommy-and-Me Dates to Jamba Juice
My son loves Mommy-and-Dates.  One his favorite places to go is the Jamba Juice at Southlake Town Square.  We have a tradition where we order smoothies, walk around the square, and he tells me about his life.  Not only is it a great bonding opportunity, but we also pack extra fruits and veggies into our diets. For instance, let me tell you about the Jamba Kids smoothies.

Let start with our favorite Jamba Kids smoothies:

Strawberry Gone Bananas
  • Watch these bananas go ape! With a smooth blend of strawberries, bananas and apple-strawberry juice, this is sure to be your kid’s classic choice.
Blueberry Strawberry Blast-off
  • Taking you to the stratosphere! This fresh mix of strawberries, blueberries, bananas and mixed berry juice will keep you coming back for more.
Berry Beet It
  • Sneak in some vegetables! This blend of strawberries, mangos, bananas, carrots, beets, broccoli, spinach, kale, lettuce and mixed berry juice is a stronger than ever, and tasty too!
Poppin’ Peach Mango
  • Get movin’ to a tropical beat! This blend of peaches, mangos, bananas and passion fruit mango juice will start your morning with a beach party in a cup!
We love all of the Jamba Kids smoothies, but the Berry Beet It is my personal favorite. It's packed with healthy nutrients! 

My son loves all of them too, but his favorite is the Poppin' Peach Mango.  He has always loved mangos, so this is a fun smoothie for him.   

Smoothies are a great way to pack extra fruits and veggies into your child's diet.  I borrowed some information from Jamba Juice that I think summarizes many of the benefits:
  • Eating fruits and vegetables is good for you, and when you blend them together they are more powerful. A blend tastes better, is more convenient, more filling and fuels you throughout the day.
  • Blending is an ideal way to obtain healthy fats, fiber and protein, giving your body an immediate boost of nutrients.
  • Blending breaks down food in a way that ignites and energizes your metabolism.
  • Blending is better than juicing because it uses all of the fruits and vegetables to capture the nutritional benefits of fiber.
  • Blending is fast, filling and fueling for your body!
    • Fast: Blended drinks are simple and quick, require little clean-up, and can be easily enjoyed by those with busy and demanding schedules.
    • Filling: Fiber blended from fruits and veggies makes you feel fuller longer.
    • Fueling: Blending is a great way to enjoy your daily serving of fruit and veggies and keep your energy up throughout the day.
3. Puree veggies into entrees.
I love adding a healthy kick to our recipes.  I will add a blueberry and spinach puree to pancakes or chickpea puree to macaroni and cheese.  It's a great way to add extra nutrients to recipes.

4. Let them choose their veggies.
We often visit sandwich or make-your-own-pizza shops.  I require my son to pick at least one veggie for his sandwich or pizza. He used to complain, but as he has gotten older, he appreciates the veggies!  The amount of veggies that he adds to his sandwiches and pizzas has increased with time.

5. Offer fruits and veggies often.
My husband and I wash and chop fruits and veggies a few times a week so that we always have healthy snacks that are easy to grab whenever snack cravings hit. We make it easy for our family members to quickly find healthy snacks in the fridge.

Now that I have shared some of our tips for packing more fruits and veggies into your child's diet, let me tell you about the #JambaMama because it is a fun and inspirational hashtag to follow. In celebration of the new school year, customers may use #JambaMama to post photos with their trendy smoothies.  It's a fun hashtag to follow because there are photos with vibrant customers and vibrant smoothies.  I love seeing what  others post on this hashtag, so please join in the fun! As a bonus, you'll have a chance to be featured  on Jamba Juice's social media channels!  Personally, I shared my baby's photo because this was his first smoothie.  He was skeptical at first, but then he realized how delicious it was and didn't want to let go of the cup. It was a fun memory. I hope that you will share your fun #JambaMama memories too!

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