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Sunday, June 4, 2017

5 Things to Do Before Your Baby Turns One Year Old #Zutano

The past year has been an amazing whirlwind as I bonded with my baby. I feel so fortunate to have him in my life.  He amazes me everyday as he continuously learns and grows. In today's post, I'll share five things that I plan to do with him before he turns one year old.

5 Things to Do Before Your Baby Turns One Year Old

1. Take photos in a small basket.
Your baby will continue to grow, so be sure to take a photo that captures their tiny size. For instance, we have a little pirate treasure chest basket that we used for the photo below. My baby is wearing a trendy outfit from Zutano.  They have adorable baby clothing. He looks cozy in his Robot Screen Tee and super soft Cozie Fleece Cuff Pants.  He's quite the "mover and shaker" so it took some work to get him to stay in the basket, but I think that we captured both his size and "move and shaker" personality in the photo!

2. Give them a haircut and store a lock of hair.
Your baby is probably ready for a haircut.  Don't forget to save a lock of their hair.  It's fun to see how their hair changes color and texture as they get older.

3. Create a time capsule.
Your child will love a time capsule when they are older. We created time capsules for him to open at 10 years old and 21 years old.  We included magazines, popular toys, USPS Forever stamps, and other trendy items from 2017. You may even consider putting a pair of baby booties or clothing in the time capsule to let them see how tiny they used to be!

4. Make a video with them giggling.
Nothing is cuter than baby giggles! My baby laughs if we do "patty cake" or "this little piggy." Do whatever it takes to get precious baby giggles on video. You will treasure this video when they are older. 

5. Dress them in a winter outfit with a hat and little booties.
Some of my happiest memories are being bundled up in cold weather.  Put your baby in a cozy outfit that is made from super soft fabric. For instance, my baby has the adorable Zutano outfit below with a matching Cozie Fleece Hat and Cozie Fleece Booties.  He is already so huggable with his chubby little cheeks, but the super soft fabric makes him even more irresistible to hug. You'll want photos in a cozy outfit to remind you of those happy times.  As I mentioned earlier, my baby is a "mover and a shaker" which makes it difficult to take photos of him. I loaned him my Apple watch so that he would stay still in the photo. The Apple watch also helps to capture a 2017 trend.

As a bonus, I have to tell you that the booties are amazing because they actually stay on!  They are soft and cozy, yet he hasn't figured out a way to remove them on his own. This is huge for us since we have lost several socks and booties that he dropped from his stroller when I wasn't looking. Check him out below as he stress tests the booties! (He is always moving!)

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