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Saturday, September 2, 2017

How the New Pampers App Works and Why You Need to Download it ASAP! #MomHack

My baby's first birthday is just a few weeks away.  It has been an amazing year that was filled with joy.  I am so grateful for every moment that we have spent together and am constantly surprised by his precious little life and accomplishments.  We have grown a lot together over the past year and it's fun to reflect on everything that helped us to bond. Over the next few weeks, I'll share things that I learned along the way and tips that I think that you will find interesting.  In today's post, I'll share our experience with diapers  for a sensitive baby and a practical tip about the brand new Pampers Reward App that you will want to download to your phone ASAP so that you get in on the trendy rewards for your Pampers purchases.  It's easier than the old system and you are going to love it!

Let's start by talking about diapers and wipes.  If you follow regularly, you know that I have a sensitive baby.  He has been exclusively breastfed since birth. I originally planned a hybrid feeding plan of breastfeeding and formula, but due to health problems, it was in his best interest for me to exclusively breastfeed. The problem was that he had a life threatening allergy to dairy. I gave him formula for the first time when he was two months old and he had an anaphylactic reaction that required him to be rushed to the hospital for steroids. Fortunately, he received prompt medical treatment. Follow up visits revealed the severe dairy allergy.  Since then, I have been trained to use an Epipen Jr. and carry one everywhere. In order to minimize the chances of another anaphylactic reaction, we decided that it was best for me to nurse him for as long as possible since I was on a dairy-free diet.   In the meantime, I learned some things about diapers and wipes for my sensitive baby that I want to share.

The first thing is that our hospital used Pampers diapers for our baby when he was born.  If you have had a baby at Baylor, you know that the nursing staff has a great reputation for both their expertise and loving bedside manner.  Honestly, I felt overwhelmed after giving birth and their guidance during those first few days made me feel safe with my baby.  Among the guidance, I remember that one of the nurses told me that she really liked Pampers diapers and their sensitive wipes.  My baby was responding well to this brand of diapers and wipes. We would later find out that he is a very sensitive baby and that we were lucky to find diapers and wipes that worked for him since birth.

Over the next couple of weeks, we noticed that our baby had a rash on almost every part of him except for his bottom.  This is the opposite of normal, right?  He didn't have any diaper rash, but rather had a rash almost everywhere else!  It turns out that the "baby detergent" that we used had fragrance that irritated his skin. The blankets and clothing touched all of his skin with the exception of the area that his diaper covered which is why his bottom was fine. We switched to a "free and clear" detergent and he was much better.  Check out my happy little guy after we figured out the perfect diapers and laundry detergent.

Finally, another diaper related tip that I want to share is that if you similarly use Pampers for your baby, they offer trendy rewards for loyal parents who buy their products. They just released a brand new app that makes it easier than ever to log your purchases and cash out for prizes.  Here are some fun stats about the Pampers app:

  • Did you know that the app gets a new download every eight seconds?
  • 2,224,127 points are awarded per day on average – meaning $16,000 in savings on Pampers diapers can happen in one day! 
  • Did you know that Pampers parents input a new code every second onto this platform, equaling a total of 79k codes per day?
  • Since the new app has been released, there has been a daily donation to organizations supported through Pampers of $188.20 per day. 
Pampers gives a generous amount of points for purchases. I've been using their rewards program for a year now and cashed out a few times. Pampers will add some extra happiness to your day when you cash out and eventually find a reward at your doorstep! For instance, we cashed out for this little Melissa & Doug Giraffe. This one in particular is no longer available, but check out all the other cool toys you can get here!

This turned out to be one of his favorite toys.

We also cashed out for an adorable block-based puzzle. Be sure to check the Pampers Rewards catalog, as it’s being updated constantly with new toys!

This puzzle has created many baby giggles for us to enjoy!

It's nice that there are plenty of rewards for older babies too since you will be stashing those points for a few years! They currently have potty seats that will come in handy during the toddler years. They sometimes have Starbucks gift cards if you want to cash out for a treat for yourself.  Of course, you may also donate your points to wonderful charities too. They support one of my favorite charities, the March of Dimes.

I'm really excited about the new Pampers app for rewards because you no longer have to type in the codes, with the exception of some wipes codes.  It's easier than ever to scan your purchases and collect your points.

Start by getting the app here and then have your diapers and wipes that contain codes.

Once you have the app, you create or log on to your account. It's then as simple as scanning and submitting the code that is inside of the packaging of your diapers or wipes.

Once you have accumulated enough points, you will select a prize. They offer the option to donate your points to a cause or to select a reward that they will ship to your home. They cover shipping, so there isn't any cost to you.

It's really easy to use the new Pampers app!

In summary, I'm really glad that the Pampers team has worked so hard to create diapers and wipes that work perfectly for my sensitive baby.  Throughout our challenges with allergies, it was nice that we never had to worry about allergic reactions to his Pampers diapers or wipes.  In addition, I also love that Pampers has a nice reward program where we've enjoyed cashing out for fun rewards. Hearing the doorbell ring with a delivery for a new toy is always fun!   Visit Pampers here to get the app so that you are able to collect trendy rewards too!

Thanks to Pampers for sponsoring this post. All opinions are honest and our own.

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