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Sunday, August 27, 2017

How to Get Someone to Watch Star Wars: The Power of Entertainment Persuasion that I Learned from my Husband @Netflix #StreamTeam

In today's post, I teamed up with my husband to talk about how he convinced me to watch Star Wars and Science Fiction movies with him when we were dating. It's a tale as old as time - how do you convince a girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, or children to watch a movie that they wouldn't normally watch? The solution requires the power of entertainment persuasion.

My husband is a clever guy. I went my entire life without watching Star Wars or any other Science Fiction movies until I met him.  He understood my skepticism and that I simply wasn't interested, but used his power of entertainment persuasion to convert me to a Star Wars fan.  I'm not the first woman to avoid watching Star Wars until their boyfriend, husband, or child convinced them to watch it.  So how did my husband convince me?  Let's talk about his strategy.

1. Vaguely offer to plan a movie night and focus on food.
My husband asked if I wanted to see a movie and promised to make a nice dinner. He spent a lot of time talking about the food and was intentionally vague about the specific movie that we would watch.

2. Stock up on snacks.
It's hard to say no to a movie date night when someone buys Gilmore Girls quantities of snacks for the movie.

3. Promise that they get to pick the next movie.
Fair is fair.  Promise them that they will receive 100% support and enthusiasm for any movie that they select for your next movie night.

4. Make it a party
Sometimes it's harder for someone to decline watching a movie if it is a large group affair.  No one wants to be that person who is the only one that won't go with the flow.

5. Celebrate May 4th - Star Wars Day
Choose the Star Wars holiday of May 4th to watch a Star Wars Movie.  May the Force be with you! May the Fourth be with you!

6. Involve your children.
While I was convinced to watch a Star Wars movie many years ago, my husband mastered the power of entertainment persuasion after we had children as he would have my son ask me to watch Star Wars movies. It's hard to say no to a sweet little boy!

I hope that you enjoyed our lighthearted post about the power of entertainment persuasion!  Now that I've shared some humor about the classic problem of guys convincing gals to watch Star Wars, let me also share some shows that we are watching now. 

Hot shows on Netflix
My husband and I are currently watching Atypical. This show  inspires the question of what it means to be normal? Atypical is bringing a new kind of family to the screen in the latest original series now streaming on Netflix. Atypical is a coming of age story that follows Sam, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum and his journey for love and independence.  

My children are watching Beat Bugs! This trendy show premiered one year ago on Netflix. The show introduced beloved Beatles songs and had bugs Crick, Jay, Buzz, Kumi and Walter stealing the show. I've heard parents complain about some children's shows because they find the characters or music annoying.  Beat Bugs is the perfect show for frustrated parents. I honestly love it as much as my children. The adorable characters and upbeat music is awesome! To celebrate, download printable Beat Bugs coloring sheet below.

We hope that you enjoyed our post with a fun and lighthearted discussion about the power of entertainment persuasion and have the opportunity to check out the shows that we are currently watching on Netflix.  Follow #StreamTeam on social media to read posts from other trendy Netflix Stream Team bloggers!

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