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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tips for Moving Your Baby to Their Own Room After You Are Done Breastfeeding

I set the the goal to breastfeed my baby for one year. Now that 12 months is here, I am celebrating my accomplishment and that my baby gets to move to his own bedroom at night.  If he wakes up, then my husband and I now have a 50/50 split on who gets out of bed. While I am happy to be done nursing and to have my body back to myself and more sleep, it is an adjustment to have him in his own room at night. In today's post, I'll share some tips that have helped us to adjust.

1. Start small with naps in their own room during the day.
We started by having our baby take naps in his crib during the day.  This way, if he woke up, there was enough light for him to recognize where he was.  

2. Invest in a wireless baby monitor.
My baby seems to have the vision of a hawk and bionic hearing to sense if we are nearby.  If he knows that we are nearby, he boycotts nap time. Luckily, we found a game changer - a wireless baby monitor to watch him so that he isn't distracted by us when he needs to fall asleep.  We use the Motorola 855CONNECT Portable Video Baby Monitor. Let me share more details.

Let's start with the flexible design. It's really nice to have a wireless baby monitor that we are able to easily move around the house. I usually keep it in his bedroom, but I also have the flexibility to take it with me when we travel. Here is a photo of it in his room.  (You may notice that we turned the crib backwards so that the short side faces the wall. He was trying to climb out of the crib, but stopped trying to climb after I turned the crib backwards. As you can guess, I really needed this video baby monitor for my particularly energetic baby!)

Next, let's talk about the video. The quality of the video is fantastic. For instance, it's dark in our baby's room below, but the video provides a nice image as shown in the photo below.  The monitor also tracks the temperature in the room and battery level of the device.  We are also able to enable sound.  I'm convinced that the designers of this video baby monitor must have children of their own because it's such a sleek design with features that I appreciate.

3. Use white noise.
We have an air purifier that makes white noise to help our baby to sleep. I know that some people use white noise machines, but I think that using an air purifier or humidifier makes more sense so that you accomplish multiple goals at one time. It's allergy season in Dallas/Fort Worth, so running an air purifier that makes white noise is a win-win for us.

4. Be consistent.
In some ways, I feel bad to simply state that a consistent schedule is the way to go since I am well aware of issues such as teething, tummy aches, or unexplained fussiness.  I will just say to try your best to have a consistent schedule and realize that there will be times when your baby refuses to follow schedule. However, remember that those phases usually pass within a week or so.  Our baby recently had 7 teeth appear in less than a week, so I know about schedule challenges!  However, we are starting to return back to schedule now that the teething is slowing down.

5. Be strong.
Babies are so adorable that it's hard to put them down for naps and bedtime.  I often tell my husband that our baby is "using his cuteness."   You have to be strong to look past the sweet little smiles and coos to put them down.  On the flip side, you also have to look past their declarations of displeasure if they are unhappy to take a nap. That's always challenging!   Regardless of my baby's mood, the wireless baby monitor helps me to at least make sure that he is safe as he tries to negotiate his way out of his nap.

Whether your baby is a newborn or turning one year old and moving to their own room, I hope that the tips above are helpful.  It's challenging to move a baby to their own room, but it gets easier with time.

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