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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Easy Ways to Celebrate Children's Birthdays for Busy Moms #StreamTeam

I love to celebrate my children with over-the-top birthday parties.  We have many happy memories of petting zoos, astronaut parties, under-the-sea celebrations, and more. I love throwing their birthday parties, but have to admit that having a newborn and a busy job made it difficult to throw a trendy party for my older son this year.  I wanted him to feel special, but at the same time, I had to also had to acknowledge my time limitations due to dealing with the sleep deprivation that comes with having a newborn while also trying to manage everything at home and work. An over-the-top birthday party would add too much stress to my life, making it far from a piece of cake.  Nonetheless, I was able to find some easy ways to make my older son feel special without a huge time investment.  Let's talk about this "mom guilt" and then share some tips for easy ways to celebrate your child's birthday so that they feel special!

The image below shows that I am not alone in feeling the stress associated with throwing a child's birthday party.   My biggest struggle right now is time. A total of 43% of parents that completed the survey below reported that the amount of time to plan a party causes them stress. Of course, money, competition, and social media was also an issue.  A total 71% of parents wished that there was an easier way to make birthdays special.  In today's post, I'll share some trendy ideas that are also easy!

Easy Ways to Celebrate Children's Birthdays for Busy Moms

1. Let them pick a special dinner and dessert.
I think that every child craves the opportunity to share in decision making processes.  Let them have the power to decide the dinner and dessert menu for their birthday. For instance, my son wanted Mini Red Velvet Bundt Cakes with Chocolate Chips and Cream Cheese frosting.  (Yes, he is my gourmet child that would never simply pick "chocolate cake" and I love him for that!)   You'll notice the Netflix candles and characters on the cakes. I'll get to that next!

2. Celebrate with Netflix Birthdays (Did someone say easy and automatic theme?!)
Netflix has you covered when it comes to birthdays.  Click here to visit Netflix and to learn more about their birthday resources.  This is an awesome resource because Netflix has so many different characters that kids love.  Choose a show and you instantly have a birthday celebration with their favorite characters that will sing and entertain them.  Pair this with dinner and dessert for a fun birthday celebration where your child is excited to choose the shows and food! The Netflix characters will give you an instant theme for your party!  (Hence the Netflix cakes above for our son!)

3. Pick a destination as a gift.
Another fun and easy way to celebrate is to have a family staycation. For instance, last year, our son picked a staycation to the Great Wolf Lodge. This hotel is only 15 minutes from our house, but we felt a world away within the resort as we spent quality time together in the waterpark, arcade, and restaurants.  We even stayed up late to watch shows on Netflix.  This didn't require any planning other than booking our room and a 15 minute drive!

4. Offer money to use at their discretion.
This doesn't apply to my children yet because they are still so young, but for older children, you may be able to give them the party budget and ask if they want to spend it on a party or use it at their discretion on anything that they want to buy.

We hope that you enjoyed these tips!  There are always going to be those times when you are overwhelmed as a mom, so I hope that these tips help.  In looking at the survey results above, it's sad that so many parents feel stressed out about competition.  Really, it should be a happy time to celebrate your little ones without stress or trying to "keep up."  Let's help other moms by spreading the message that LOVE is all that matters and that it's not a competition. I hope that you will share this post with other trendy moms that need ideas for quick and easy birthday celebrations for their trendy children! 

What are we streaming now?
Now that I shared trendy birthday party tips, let me share a monthly sneak peek into what we are streaming at our house.

My boys are really into DinoTrux right now.  Sure, we've seen all of the episodes, but they get better the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th time around!  I think that we all have happy memories of shows or movies that our children loved. For us, DinoTrux rocks our world! (Yes, pun intended if you know the characters and episodes well.) Thankfully, others must also love this trendy show because Netflix keeps sharing the love with more and more episodes. They are on season 5 already! (Thank you, Netflix!)

When our little ones are sleeping, my husband and I are watching the latest releases of The Blacklist.  I won't spoil it, but I will tell you that I watched 4 episodes in row because I am hooked!

What's next on our Netflix list?
Bus, do your stuff! Just in time for back to school, a new year at Walkerville Elementary is coming soon with The Magic School Bus Rides Again coming to Netflix on September 29. With Lily Tomlin reprising her original role as “Professor Frizzle” and Kate Mckinnon taking over the keys to the bus as her sister, the reimagining of the beloved animated science-comedy series will feature a brand new set of out-of-this-world field trips and adventures. Plus, with a theme song performed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, it’s a show jingle parents won’t get tired of hearing.

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