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Friday, September 15, 2017

Five Ideas for a Star Wars Themed Trunk or Treat Design

Five Ideas for a Star Wars Themed Trunk or Treat Design
Trunk or Treat events are popular here in Texas.  It's a fun opportunity to choose a theme and have fun in your community. In today's post, I'll share some ideas for a trendy Star Wars themed Trunk or Treat design. Of course, these ideas will also work if you are decorating your front porch or organizing a school event.  

Before I provide the tips, let me first give thanks to Oriental Trading for sponsoring this post. I have been extremely busy lately and they sent everything that we needed for our quick and easy Star Wars themed Trunk or Treat design.  (Yes, everything that I needed was delivered to my front doorstep in a single box!)

1. Have your family wear Star Wars costumes.
We ordered Star Wars costumes for our family.  You'll notice that my son is a Storm Trooper in the photo above.  I also ordered a Darth Vader costume for my husband, an R2D2 costume for my younger son, and a Storm Trooper costume for myself.  It's fun to create happy memories in Star Wars themed costumes together!  This is a great time to order your costumes since it's early enough to select a free shipping option and have them arrive well before Halloween.  Oriental Trading has a great selection of Star Wars costumes.

2. Serve candy, but don't forget about children with food allergies.
We ordered giant bags of Hershey's Halloween candy from Oriental Trading. It's really convenient because they have bags with 155 pieces of candy.  In addition, we ordered Space Rubber Duckies since some children have food allergies and we wanted to make sure that they felt special too.  Plus, don't they look cool for our space theme?!

3. Add a game with a space shuttle piñata.
Here in Texas, we always love an excuse for a good piñata at a celebration.  We added a special sticker to some of the candies and Space Rubber Duckies.  If a child found a special sticker on their treat, they were able to pull a ribbon on the space shuttle at the end of the night.  We set a time and relocated the piñata for a fun ending to the evening. This is a memorable activity for little ones!  

4. Add a family Halloween prop to your trunk.
Every family has their own special traditions that stay with them for many years.  For our family, we have the creepy Skeleton Cat below. We ordered this last year from Oriental Trading. The Skeleton Cat is like a family member that visits us every Halloween.  We brought him to the Trunk or Treat with us. While our children may change their costumes from year-to-year, we plan to have this creepy Skeleton Cat in the background of our photos every year!

5. Donate inexpensive Star Wars Masks and Bubble Wand Light Sabers for children without costumes.
Some parents aren't able to buy a costume for their child. Consider donating costumes to a local school or Sunday school classroom. We ordered an inexpensive set of cardboard Star Wars masks, bubble wands, and colorful masking tape from Oriental Trading.  We then wrapped tape around the handles of the bubble wands to make them look like light sabers.  This is a fun and inexpensive costume.  Teachers are able to hand them out to children without costumes so that they feel special. After all, Halloween is a very special night that creates wonderful childhood memories!

We hope that you enjoyed our tips and have a wonderful Halloween with your family!

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