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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Tips for a One-Year Old That Doesn't Want to Take a Nap

I think that we've all been there. We are sleep deprived and desperate while our baby declares that it is PARTY TIME!  They boycott nap time and bed time. At one-year old, it's as if there is a sudden leap where they became more aware of the world around them and there is no time for rest. These curious little ones are ready to go-go-go. Unfortunately, they really do need their sleep even if their instinct is to fight it. In today's post, I'll share some tips for helping a one-year old that doesn't want to take a nap.  My tips come from my heart and many, many hours of trying to convince my own baby to take a nap.

Tips for a One-Year Old That Doesn't Want to Take a Nap
1. Try a HALO SleepSack.
I used to think that HALO SleepSacks were for younger babies, but recently realized that our one-year old is super cozy in his HALO SleepSack.  So far, he has not been able to stand up and jump around when we put him in his HALO SleepSack.  This is a big deal for our little mover-and-shaker that doesn't want to take a nap.  We put him into his cozy HALO SleepSack and he quickly falls asleep.  I wish that I knew what went through his mind, but there is something wonderful about the HALO SleepSack that he must find soothing.

2. Follow a schedule.
I feel conflicted about this tip because I know that there are times when babies are teething (or some other reason) and they are not willing to follow a schedule. However, for us, those days seem to come in phases and we ultimately get back to schedule.  Try your best to have consistent nap times and a bed time routine.

3. Use a white noise machine.
There is something calming about white noise for our baby.  Even if you don't have a white noise machine, try running a fan or air purifier for a similar effect.

4. Fight the cuteness.
I'm such a sucker for my baby's gummy grin.  My husband frequently reminds me that I have to keep him on his nap schedule for his own best interests. I'm always so tempted to postpone nap time because he flashes that gummy grin.  Seriously though, don't give in if they need their nap.

5. Watch for signs.
While I advocate for a schedule, things change over time.  If you notice that your baby is unusually fussy and rubbing his or her eyes, consider putting them down for nap time.  Personally, we watch our baby closely for signs of sleepiness because he is happiest if he is well rested.

We hope that these tips help!  I also want to add that being a mom is hard.  Try to remember that babies go through phases and that there are ups and downs. Sleep deprivation is a major challenge, but it gets easier with time.

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