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Thursday, October 12, 2017

(Win it!) 5 Parenting Hacks for "Boy Moms" #StreamTeam

There are days when parenting is a humbling experience.  Our children fill our lives with joy, but also give us occasional moments that leave us surprised or confused. I am the first to admit that I am always learning as a parent.  In today's post, I'll share five parenting hacks that I have learned through my experience as a boy mom.  I will also tell you about the latest shows for your family to stream on Netflix and a special giveaway for you to win a Netflix subscription for you + a boy mom friend (or any friend)!

1. It's a myth that boys won't stop moving. (You just need to offer Netflix.)
My boys are go-go-go. They never seem to stop moving. They have kept me on my toes for the past several years. However, when I need a break, there is one trick that always works - give them Netflix time.  I'm not talking about just putting them in front of the t.v., but rather putting them in front of the t.v. to watch educational shows. Netflix is packed with educational shows for every age.  Actually, that's one of my favorite things about Netflix - they cater to a variety of ages.  My oldest went through phases of loving Wild Kratt's, Odd Squad, and other shows.  It was nice to simply stream the shows rather than buying DVDs that would later collect dust. After all, we know that children grow quickly and their interests change over time. Netflix is the ultimate entertainment source that adds "zero  clutter" to our home.  It's also a lifesaver for when you need a calm break from your children's high energy levels.  

Need some show suggestions? 

  • My oldest is currently watching Bill Nye the Science Guy! He loves this series because it is so engaging. Of course, I love that he is learning basic science knowledge.
  • My youngest likes Word Party. The characters are adorable and engaging.  My older son and I enjoy watching this with him too!

2. Join forces with other Boy Moms.
Boy Moms understand everything. Everything. Find another boy mom for playdates. It's a nice feeling to have a friend that understands the parenting challenges. Plus, the boys will run around having fun so that they sleep well at night!

3. Give rewards for good behavior.
My boys have BIG personalities and high energy levels. They both have a go-go-go personality that sometimes results in them doing impulsive things such as <cough - shooting Nerf guns in the house, drawing on the hardwood floor, or spilling things that they shouldn't have touched>. When you find yourself in a mode where you feel like you are constantly punishing them, step back and try to see the bigger picture.  You may need to also focus on rewards for good behavior.  (We've all been there!)  I try not to use food as a reward, but we will offer an extra trip to the library, the park, or a show on Netflix.  Need a suggestion?   My little one loves Justin Time GO! My older son loves LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.

4. Embrace that everything becomes a light saber or other weapon (but set ground rules.)
For the past several years, anything that looked remotely like a stick became a light saber.  This includes everything. Everything. Bubble wands, popsicle sticks, pencils, licorice, and more have been proposed as weapons in our house.  Set the ground rules that it's OK to have fun calling things weapons as long as there is no actual battle.

5. Get extra hugs, cuddles, and giggles with special Mommy-and-Me time.
The best thing about being a "boy mom" is that the way that they love you.  The cuddles and giggles are the best.  I can't get enough of them. One of my tricks to get extra love my little ones is to have special Mommy-and-Me time where we get take-out and watch a show on Netflix together.   

If you need a suggestion for a good Mommy-and-Me evening that applies to all age groups, try Moana!  It's a really cute movie and your little guys will enjoy watching it with you.

The Best Family-Friendly Releases on Netflix for October

This October, it’s all about the kids. For the little ones, new episodes of Word Party are now streaming on Netflix, and don’t miss the launch of Super Monsters on October 13 just in time for Halloween. For the older kids, blast into action with new seasons of Skylanders Academy and Voltron: Legendary Defender. And you won’t want to miss the highly anticipated Stranger Things 2when the return to Hawkins—and the Upside Down—comes to Netflix on October 27.
SKYLANDERS ACADEMY                        SEASON 2                  NOW STREAMING
WORD PARTY                  SEASON 3                  NOW STREAMING
SUPER MONSTERS      SEASON 1                      OCTOBER 13
VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER      SEASON 4                        
STRANGER THINGS 2                         

Stranger Things 2 
Stranger Things 2 will be released on October 27th. Watch the trailer:

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