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Monday, October 16, 2017

5 Tips for Trick Or Treating When Your Children Outnumber You

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. The dynamics of Trick or Treating have changed for us over the years as we transitioned from an only child to two children. Plus, my closest friend that we Trick or Treat with has transitioned from one child to three children and frequently reminds me that I have it easy since I have two hands and two children. She struggles at times with only two hands and three children! In today's post, I'll share tips for Trick or Treating when your children outnumber you. 

1. Team up with another mom. (Divide and Conquer!) 
Personally, my children have a several year age gap between them.  This means that they have different interests, athletic abilities, and energy levels for Trick Or Treating. My oldest is on a mission for candy. My youngest isn't allowed to have candy and just wants to watch the people in costumes.   We team up with friends to Trick or Treat so that we are able to split child supervision duties.  My friend supervises our older children that run from door-to-door.  I pull the little ones in a wagon as they watch their older siblings  visit the houses. The little ones don't collect candy, but they have an amazing time watching the people in costumes.

2. Select a family costume theme.
We select a costume theme for our family each year. For instance, we have done Super Heroes, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Peter Pan, and Robots. This year, we are doing a different version of Star Wars where my son is Darth Vader, my husband and I are Storm Troopers, and our youngest is an R2D2.  The matching costumes help you to stick together in a crowd. Plus, they create fun memories.

3. Order matching Halloween Totes that are embroidered with their names.
My boys have matching Trick or Treat Totes from Lands' End. These are fantastic because they are practical and adorable. The generous size of the totes and the drawstring closure are nice. You also can't beat the excellent quality.  They are embroidered with their names in glow-in-the-dark thread!  My boys love all of the complements that they receive on their Trick or Treat Totes.

The totes below will last their entire childhood because Lands' End designed these with heavy canvas and excellent stitching. In fact, my older son had a previous version of this tote that lasted for several years and still looks brand new. I simply hand wash it with a gentle detergent at the end of every season.  The only reason that I replaced his previous tote is that I wanted my boys to match now that our youngest son is old enough to dress up.  We also use the Easter version of these totes for Easter Egg Hunts and they are similarly wonderful quality.

I think that every good childhood includes memories from Halloween. I really like that we have the Lands' End Halloween Totes that appear in our annual Halloween photos. The totes are a part of our family!

4. Use an iron-on label or pen to label your child with your cell phone number.
I used to write my phone number on my son's arm with a pen. However, more recently, I bought a label maker that lets me print iron-on labels with my phone number. I now print our phone number on  a label and iron it to the sleeve of their shirt so that they are able to roll up their sleeve to reveal the phone number.

5. Set the rules.
Rules are important for every child, especially on busy evenings such as Halloween.  Specify the rules and quiz the kids before you leave.  For instance, some of our basic rules are that we only allow our children to walk on sidewalks (be respectful of people's lawns), we stay as a group and never run ahead, we say "Thank You", and we never visit a home that has the lights turned off.  If anyone breaks the rules, we have a 10 minute time-out.  Of course, your rules may differ, but the important part is that you communicate them upfront and follow through with consequences since safety is such a big concern on Halloween.

We hope that you have a wonderful Halloween! Whether you have an only child or multiple children, don't forget to take plenty of photos since you will treasure them for many years.

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