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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

What is a Forever Warranty?: NECTAR Mattress and The Forever Warranty

Thanks to Fresh Press Media and NECTAR for the opportunity to work on this sponsored post.

When was the last time that you bought a mattress?  If you have an old school mattress - the kind that is filled with springs, weighs a ton, and came with a hefty delivery fee - you'll be happy to know that times have changed for the better.  We are talking about a complete overhaul of the mattress industry in terms of placing orders, arranging deliveries, and warranties.  In today's post, I'll tell you about a game changer in the mattress industry - NECTAR and The Forever Warranty. 

I really wanted to write this post and share with you because mattress shopping is hard. It's expensive, time consuming, and nerve-wracking considering that mattresses are bulky and should last for a very long time. If you buy the wrong mattress, quality of life becomes an issue.  We made a mistake once in buying a mattress that was too firm for my husband and it caused back problems.  There was no warranty, so we took a big loss in donating it and buying a new mattress. That loss stung. The costs add up quickly with multiple family members too. I recently had a great experience with a new mattress from NECTAR, so I want to share with you. I even worked with the company to get a discount to share a NECTAR Mattress discount for our trendy readers!

Let's start with placing an order for a NECTAR mattress.  It's easy to order online.  There is no need to take your kids to a store. There is no need to give them pep talk in the car about how they are not to jump on the beds when you get to the store.  There is no need to hear them test your patience as they giggle and sing, "10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed. One fell off and bumped his head.... No more monkeys jumping on the bed"  Honestly, mattress stores are the worst for boy moms like me. Plus, who is able to lay in a store filled with people and really figure out if a bed is comfortable?  Sorry, but that never worked for me, especially when my little monkeys look like they are going to give into temptation and jump on beds at any moment.  Personally, I go with recommendations. I read lots of reviews.  I also look at prices and try to figure out how to get the best quality at a reasonable price.  After all, this mom is exhausted at the end of the day and deserves a cozy bed for a comfortable night of rest.  My bed is truly my sanctuary and I deserve the best! 

You'll want to order with the special NECTAR deal that gives you:
  • $125 discount
  • 2 FREE Pillows
  • Free shipping and return
  • 365 Night Home Trial
  • Forever Warranty
This boy mom thanks the Internet for the ability to shop online for a good deal on a mattress without any of her little monkeys jumping on test beds.

Now let's talk about the free delivery.  My bed came via FedEx.  The package looked nothing like a mattress. It was carried by one FedEx delivery guy.  Amazingly enough, it was then carried into the house by ME!  My husband didn't believe me when I told him that I brought the mattress in.  He thought that I was joking until he came home and saw that the package was different than what he expected.  (Still, I have to give myself credit.  All of the weight lifting that I do by carrying around my 20 pound baby has paid off!)   Seriously though, a photo of the package is below.

We made an Unboxing video that shows the magic unfold. (Don't you love the pun?!) Seriously though, it's pretty cool.  The package is easy to open and it is fun to watch it expand.  The magic really does seem to unfold. Most of the expansion happened within the first few minutes, but then it was pretty much done within a few hours.  It's a great design, right?   As an Engineer, I have to stop and appreciate when an industry is revolutionized by new technologies, materials, or processes.  This NECTAR mattress really is a game changer! (Plus, I haven't even talked about the Forever Warranty yet!) Check out the video below.

Let's move on to how well we sleep with this mattress and pillows. The mattress and pillows feel both supportive and soft.  A quality mattress is important to me because my husband and I are always stretched thin with work and family life. We need a good quality mattress that allows us to comfortably relax.  I also care deeply about the mattresses for my children. This is an area that I would never skimp. Their little bodies are still growing, so they need good quality support.  (Actually, I never skimp on good quality shoes, mattresses, or healthy food for them since these are critical to their growth and development.) NECTAR mattresses and pillows meet my expectations for my entire family.

Finally, I promised to answer the question, What is a Forever Warranty?  NECTAR offers The Forever Warranty.  If you visit the NECTAR website, they say that it is the strongest limited warranty in the industry. I appreciate a company that goes above and beyond, especially to make it easy to replace large items such as mattresses. Get the full details on the Forever Warranty here. As a mom who has multiple family members and a guest room to furnish with beds, I appreciate dedication to quality and good warranties.  

I feel lucky to have come across NECTAR because mattresses and pillows are such a big expense given that we need them for all of family members and in our guest room.  I hope that you enjoyed our review because this was a product that really rocked my world and I think will help other parents that are searching for a good mattress.   Visit the NECTAR website to save $125 and get two free pillows while this special coupon lasts!

Thanks to NECTAR for sponsoring this post and for providing the affiliate discount to our readers.

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