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Monday, January 8, 2018

Door Dash: A Trendy Restaurant Delivery Service Helps Moms to Take a Night Off from Cooking + $10 Off Your First Order

Do you ever feel like you are constantly cooking? My boys are able to eat more than me. It's truly astonishing. I feel like I am constantly cooking for them.  One of my favorite strategies for taking a night off from cooking dinner is to use Door Dash.  I featured Door Dash last year and it was one of our most popular posts.  We shared a $10 off coupon for new users and some of you redeemed it quickly.  Since it has been over a year since our last post and Door Dash has further expanded within the Dallas/Fort Worth metro (and across the country), I thought that it was time for another post about this trendy service that is perfect for moms.  (We also have the $10 off coupon for new customers here! It's an amazing deal.)

Door Dash nights are my special evenings when I don't have to cook. I also don't have to listen to any complaints about what we are eating. I never hear questions such as, "When is dinner going to be ready?"  Everyone picks their favorite meals and then the Door Dash tracker keeps us up-to-date on the status of our meals and delivery.  

Let me share an example.  We select a restaurant from the Door Dash website.  There are 50+ options in our town of Southlake and we've tried almost a dozen different restaurants from the list.  I like the transparency of their website where they show the delivery fee for the different restaurants on the main page.  (Here is a confession: I sometimes randomly visit their website to see who is offering free delivery or $2.99 delivery and use a good delivery deal as an excuse to try a new restaurant. This is how I found Taziki's Mediterranean Restaurant and fell in love with it. I know several friends who randomly visit Door Dash for dinner inspiration too!)

Once we select a restaurant, everyone in my family adds meals to our order.  (Everyone is happy!) We've used both the website and the app on different occasions. Both are easy to use. Once everyone adds their order, I double check it and submit. The Door Dash magic then begins and my children watch the status updates. 

If your children are like mine, they will love the status tracker.  The tracker is fairly detailed as it tells you when meals are being prepared and when your Dasher picks up the food and is in route to your house. (My apologies to the Dasher that my little boys excitedly open the door before they even have a chance to ring the door bell.  My children just really love the Door Dash status updates and are excited about their special food.  You are like Santa Clause, but with kids meals and other treats for them.)

If you are new to Door Dash, take advantage of $10 off of your first order here. If you are already a customer and haven't visited in a while, bookmark the Door Dash website and periodically visit to browse the different delivery specials that they have for different restaurants. They seem to change often and it's fun to have an excuse to try new restaurants or menu items.

Thanks to Door Dash for sponsoring this post and for providing a $10 off discount to our readers.

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