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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Tips for a Cookie Swap Party

Do you want to know a secret?  Holiday Cookie Swap parties are my favorite type of holiday party!  Given the choice of a White Elephant, Secret Santa, or Cookie  Swap party - I'll always vote for the Cookie Swap Party!  It's a lot of fun to share holiday treats and to sample a variety of creations that other guests create. In today's post, I'll share tips for attending a Cookie Swap party.

1. Use the Holiday Cookie Helper Tool to Find Your Perfect Recipe.
If you are like me, you could spend many hours searching Google Images and Pinterest for ideas. You want to find the perfect recipe, but the number of options out there are overwhelming.  Fortunately, Krusteaz has a Holiday Cookie Helper to help you to quickly find a few recipes that reflect your tastes and personality. You answer several questions and then the Holiday Cookie Helper works its magic to give you customized cookie recipe recommendations.  I found this to be a huge time saver because the recommendations that it gave to me were perfect for my personality!

2. If you go for a classic recipe, make jumbo sized versions of the cookies.
Classic cookies like chocolate chip cookies or snickerdoodles are popular choices. Make your cookies stand out by making them larger than average. For instance, we used the Krusteaz Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix and made the cookies larger than recommended by adjusting the cooking time by a couple of minutes since they were larger.  This allowed us to make thicker cookies that stood out from the crowd. Yum!

3. Let your children help to decorate sugar cookies, but keep it simple.
Children love to help decorate sugar cookies, but they sometimes go overboard and ruin the cookies with too much frosting or decorations.  We decorate our trendy cookies by following two steps. We first drizzle frosting in a light zigzag pattern. We then let our children add sprinkles and other toppings to the cookies. The light zigzag pattern looks nice while preventing them from putting too many toppings onto the cookies.

4. Don't stress - take it easy.
Someone once told me that they were incredibly stressed out to attend a cookie swap party because they are not good at baking.  Honestly, I used Krusteaz baking mixes this year for my holiday cookie swap parties this year.  They've already perfected their cookie mixes and it's hard to mess up if you follow their simple instructions.   I love to bake from scratch, but with two young children, I'm stretched thin.  I used Krusteaz cookie mixes this year and received many complements!  (The extra large Snickerdoodles were the most popular.)  If you feel stressed, just go for a simple tried-and-true cookie mix like one of the Krusteaz cookie mixes.

5. Bring a container because your hostess will send you home with cookies.
Part of the genius behind cookie swap parties is that each guest takes a variety of cookies home.  It's helpful for your hostess if you bring your cookies in a container so that she is able to redistribute cookies among the guests and simply put your new cookies into the container that you brought.  

We hope that you enjoyed our Tips for a Cookie Swap Party!  It's fun to share trendy cookies with friends and family.  I hope that our tips and the Krusteaz Holiday Cookie Helper help to make it easier for you to quickly whip up cookies that reflect your personality without too much work.

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