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Friday, January 19, 2018

4 Travel Tips for Moms with Young Children

As a mom of energetic little boys, I am sympathetic to parents that travel with young children. Over the years, I've learned many tips to improve our travel experiences. In today's post, I'll share tips that we personally follow when we travel with our children.

My children seem to be complete opposites. My oldest was a portable and easy going baby that would simply sleep on flights. My youngest is the complete opposite.  He would scream to let the entire plane know about his unhappiness with the flight. They have very different little personalities, so it hasn't always been easy. However, we have converged on tips that seem to make both of them happy when we travel.

1. Plan a snack trip at the airport.
We stop and buy a snack at one of the airport shops. Our children are allowed to pick anything that they want and then eat half in the waiting area and the other half after the plane takes off.  At DFW International Airport, we almost always end up buying pretzels at Auntie Anne's.  The special treat makes them excited and happy.  They enjoy snacking on half at the airport and then are more patient and excited during boarding and takeoff because they are waiting for the other half of their snack. 

2. Download their favorite shows from Netflix before your flight takes off. 
I can't even remember what it was like to travel without Netflix Downloads. (OK, I just like to forget those traumatic memories of traveling with my children before we were able to download Netflix shows!) Netflix makes it really fun and easy to download shows before a flight. You can do this through their app by browsing the "Available for Download" menu. It's a really nice interface that is easy to use.  For instance, my kids recently watched Charlotte's Web and The Secret Life of Pets. My kids loved the experience. Actually, browsing for movies was part of the fun.  These movies were fantastic and resulted in lots of giggles!

3. Reward good behavior.
Our children respond well to rewards.  (Who doesn't?!) If they are on good behavior for the entire flight, we let them pick where we eat dinner.  This is a fun reward for them to look forward to.  They usually succeed in earning this reward, but obviously, the Netflix Downloads helps to set them up for this success by keeping them busy during the flight!

4. Pack light with travel-friendly booster seats.
I always try to pack as light as possible because it's hard to keep track of everything, especially with my energetic children.  While I think that the tip of "packing light" is pretty basic, one thing that you may not realize is that there are travel-friendly booster seats that fit into oversized purses and luggage. They are called BubbleBums.  My son is packing one into his little children's luggage below.

You simply inflate by blowing into the tube.  It is easy to inflate. Of course, you deflate when you are ready to pack it away. It is amazing that these portable little booster seats meet all U.S. safety testing standards.  They sell them at the BubbleBum website, Amazon, Target, and other stores.  

We hope that these tips help you on a future trip and that you create happy memories!

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