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Saturday, January 20, 2018

How to Buy Organizational Items for a Baby's Nursery that May Be Used in Other Rooms Once They Outgrow the Nursery: A Laundry Room Makeover

Having the perfect nursery meant a lot to me because I knew that I would create many memories with my baby in his room.  Plus, babies are demanding, so a beautiful nursery with comfortable furniture and nice organizational supplies makes a big difference. At the same time, similar to many moms, I felt torn between splurging on the trendiest items or trying to stay on a budget since I knew that he would outgrow his nursery within a few short years.  In today's post, I'll share the best design choices that I made in his nursery - I purchased good quality organizational supplies from Thirty-One Gifts that were perfect for his nursery, but that are also fantastic for other areas of my home.  In particular, I'll share items that are easy to move from a nursery to the laundry room. (Really though, you could use these items is many areas of your house too!)

So, why did I choose to redesign my laundry room with organizational supplies from our nursery? Our laundry room is one of the easiest rooms in our house to keep clean. It's the one room that our children never enter.  It made me realize that this is the most important room in my house to organize because it will actually stay organized! Some of the challenges with our laundry room include:

  • Our laundry room is pretty standard with front load washers and limited space,
  • We keep different laundry supplies for different family members due to allergies,
  • I often fold laundry in the laundry room and need to put clothing and towels into piles based on the rooms that they belong
Let's start with space.  Our nursery has plenty of space, but tons of little items such as diapers, creams, lotions, teethers, pacifiers, burp cloths, toys, and more.  There is a lot to organize! On the other hand our laundry room doesn't have quite as many items, but the large amount of space is limited. A key feature of our large laundry room is that it has a front load washer and dryer where it makes sense to optimize the space on top of them.  This feature made it easy to transition supplies from our nursery to our laundry room. We actually used a hybrid approach where we ordered some of the items a couple of years ago from Thirty-One Gifts for his nursery and then ordered more items this year.  Their patterns  at Thirty-One Gifts change over time, so it's really nice to pick a color theme and buy items with the patterns available over time. Let me share some examples.

You'll notice the Oh Snap Bins below. These are a staple in our house.   We initially used them to store baby supplies, but then later used them to store the laundry supplies below.  You'll notice that we mix two different patterns from Thirty-One Gifts - an older pattern with owls and the current Charcoal Stitch pattern.  This is one of my favorite things about Thirty-One Gifts - you may choose a nice pattern and then they have various patterns over the years that are easy to coordinate with previous patterns.  I love the dark Charcoal Stitch pattern. The pattern with little owls add a whimsical touch. 

You will also notice that we combined a  Your Way Display Bin with an Oh Snap Bin in the photo below. Similar to many others with young children, we use a special laundry detergent for family members with sensitive skin. We organize supplies for different family members. My husband and oldest son are avid runners that often return with the scariest laundry.  They need strong detergent and fabric softener.  On the other hand, my youngest son and I have an allergy to fragrance and are only able to use gentle "Free & Clear" laundry detergent formulas.  We skip the fabric softener because we have never found one that doesn't cause us to break out in a rash.  The organizational system below works well for us.

In the photo below, we added a Mini Storage Bin to store larger items like stain remover spray and Borax in our closet. We use the Oh Snap Bins to store largeer items that we use less frequently.  The Mini Storage Bin is versatile with many possible uses. For instance, it's great for baby supplies such as lotions, diaper rash creams, and more. In the laundry room, we use it to store supplies for washing my delicate items. Again, we mixed and matched patterns.

As mentioned above, we love the Your Way Display Bin.  We love these for storing diapers, cloths, and baby clothing.   Here is one with diapers.

Here is another with toys.

As I mentioned above, once they outgrow the diaper phase, it's nice to transition the Your Way Display Bin to the laundry room to story laundry supplies or clean laundry.  I recommend at least one Your Way Display Bin for laundry essentials such as detergent and stain removers. Personally, I often fold laundry in our laundry room, so it is nice to have a second Your Way Display Bin to sort laundry as we fold it. 

Of course, laundry takes space, so we also rotate different Stand Tall Bins into the laundry room based on family members. For instance, the bins below travel between our bedroom closets and the laundry room.  

I hope that you enjoyed a glimpse into our nursery and laundry room and that some of our tips help you as you organize your home.

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