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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Learning is Fun with Pley's National Geographic Pleyboxes #pleyandlearn

We have our ups-and-downs with our 8-year old. Helping him to live up to his potential is a consuming mission. There is no single answer about the best strategy for raising a child. Do they participate in enough extracurriculars? Do they participate in too many? Is a sport a necessity? Will chess club help to better connect their mind?    I won't claim to know the answer to any of these questions. However, one thing that I am certain about is that learning should be fun! It doesn't matter how old you are - if you enjoy what you are doing, you will thrive.  Now, that's where today's post comes -- Pley's National Geographic Pleyboxes make it FUN to learn new things.  In today's post, I'll share an example of Mission Serengeti.

Pley's National Geographic Pleyboxes come as a monthly subscription that my boys love. As soon as the box arrives, our house is suddenly quiet.  (Thank you Pley for the magical spell of quiet that you cast on our house when the boys open their Pleybox!)

Here’s what’s in the box for this month:

  • A cool T-Shirt with a Serengeti Zebra on it
  • A National Geographic book: all about Lions and how to save them!
  • A sheet of stickers featuring animals from the Serengeti
  • Two mini animal figurines
  • An activity booklet
  • A cloth bracelet
  • Instructions and access to an online digital game that features the Serengeti.
  • ...and the box is a cute travel case with a handle that can be used for years to come!

As I mentioned, my biggest goal in life is to help my children to reach their potential and have happy lives. The Pleybox subscription is part of my recipe to help my son to thrive. Their National Geographic Pleyboxes make learning fun. Let me share a few examples.

Let's start by talking about the immersion. My little one loved that he was basically immersed from head to toe with everything from his cool Serengeti Zebra t-shirt to his little cloth bracelet and fun animal figurine friends.

The online digital game took him to a new world we he got to learn more about the Serengeti. My son had a lot of fun with this game. They made learning fun!

He also loved the flashcards, stickers, and book.

Of course, this was one of those situations where he was so engaged that he wanted to skip dinner and bedtime. (Please, just 5 more minutes.... just 5 more minutes!) Whether you grant extra time to play or not, you'll eventually need to clean up and call it a night. The cute travel case is perfect for cleaning up.

In summary, we love Pley's National Geographic Pleyboxes. My son can't wait for his box next month. They make learning fun! I also can't wait for his next box since it makes me feel good to see him having fun and learning more about the world around him.

While we are hooked on Pley's National Geographic Pleyboxes, they also have Disney Princess and Hot Wheels Pleyboxes. They sound similarly fantastic and are on our wish lists. If you want to learn more, click here.

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