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Monday, January 22, 2018

Our Experience with Pai Circuit Conductor

Pai Circuit Conductor is a great STEM toy that has also helped my son to fall in love with science and technology.  If you have a future tech mogul, I would say that the Pai Circuit Conductor is an important foundational toy. This set helps children to learn about current electrical flow in real time.  

Let's start with the price tag. The retail price when we received it was $69.99.  This is a reasonable price for a good quality circuit set that is age-friendly for my son.  I logged his usage over 90 days. He spent 14 hours playing with this set.  That comes out to $4.99/hour. That is much cheaper than a babysitter or tech class/camp, so I was happy.  Even better, I truly appreciated that this set increased his knowledge and confidence.

Let me make a confession. I made my own circuit set for my son and it was a disaster. I created a little project with a wire, batteries, and LED. It was a mess because his motor skills and comprehension weren't quite there yet. He had trouble lining up wires and batteries. The batteries ran low quickly which caused frustration. He was never quite sure if he messed up or if the batteries were the problem. It required a lot of intervention on my part.  So, fast forward to the Pai Circuit Conductor set.  It has a nice design with fun components that my son was able to use without my help!  After my homemade disaster, Pai Circuit Conductor made circuits fun and easy.  The set increased his confidence because it has a child-friendly design where things are easy to snap together without the hassles that we encountered with my homemade setup.   The designers did a nice job.

Now let's talk about the details for this set. It comes with a dozen different electrical function blocks, six specially insulated magnetic wires, and a free app with lesson plans. My son was thrilled to set up his circuits to make a fan spin and watch things light up.  I really enjoy seeing his curiosity and excitement for learning.  

Here are a couple of examples. The first example shows how he made something light up. You'll notice the nice wires and connectors that made it easy for him to snap things together.

This circuit activated a fan. (The fan is whirling around quickly in the photo!)  It was fun to see him follow instructions and experiment with various concepts.

In summary, the designers of this toy did a fantastic job by creating a set that is engaging, fun, and education.  This set is for ages 4+.  

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