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Monday, March 26, 2018

A Dairy-Free Easter Egg Hunt for Toddlers

As a mom of a child with a food allergy, I want to share a trendy Easter Egg Hunt idea to help other moms. (Actually, it's a fantastic Easter Egg Hunt for children who don't have allergies too!)  We use Wonderful Halos for our dairy-free Easter Egg Hunt that is filled with Pure Goodness!  Let me share a quick overview of my son's food allergy and then share how we use Wonderful Halos for our Easter Egg Hunts.

My personal experience and an Easter hack for my son's food allergies
When my baby was a few months old, he went into anaphylactic shock from baby formula.  We were fortunate that he received prompt medical care and survived.  Testing revealed that he was severely allergic to dairy proteins.  If you have children with a dairy allergy, you know that it is challenging to find Easter candy that doesn't contain dairy. You also have to worry about whether the candy has been on shared equipment with dairy items.  When you are new to food allergies, it's overwhelming to figure out how to modify holiday celebrations with dairy-free alternatives, but it gets easier with time.  For instance, I'll share how we use Wonderful Halos for an Easter Egg Hunt that is packed with Pure Goodness!

Wonderful Halos are the ultimate Easter treat because they are bursting with Pure Goodness from Mother Nature.  These colorful little treats are sweet, seedless, easy to peel, free from some of the common allergens such as dairy proteins, and are something that you can feel good about feeding your children.  Wonderful Halos are convenient. One 5-pound box contains more than each snacks for my son to take to school for events with friends or for our family's personal Easter Egg Hunt. They are easily available from November through May at local grocery stores and select markets via Amazon Fresh.  So, let's look at how we use Wonderful Halos for our Easter Egg Hunts!

Wonderful Halos Easter Egg Hunt
Yield: These are the supplies that we use for our two children

  • One 5-pound box of Wonderful Halos
  • 10 plastic eggs
  • 10 sets of stickers or craft supplies to decorate Halos (and to stuff into the plastic eggs)

  1. Hide the Wonderful Halos for Easter morning.
  2. Stuff the plastic eggs with the supplies to decorate the Wonderful Halos and hide those too.
  3. Let your children hunt for the Wonderful Halos and plastic eggs.
  4. Let your children have a craft session to decorate the Wonderful Halos!

More Ideas for Extra Fun!
In addition to the trendy Easter Egg Hunt idea that we shared above, the Wonderful Halos website is packed with fun Easter craft and party treat ideas here.  Here are some of my favorites:

Learn More
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